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K KMU Trucking Excavating Inc. entered the dynamic new world of intelligent Machine Control as GPS dummies in the words of company president Kevin Urig. Essentially no one in the company had any experience with machine control systems when Urig started investigating the possibilities. Now the company is running two Komatsu iMC dozers and finishing grading projects faster than ever before with less manpower. Urig knows they havent finished the learning curve yet and he expects to use iMC more as the company learns to exploit all the advantages the machines offer. Urig began seriously considering the benefits of intelligent Machine Control at ConExpo when Komatsu displayed its iMC dozers. Later he tried the equipment at Komatsus proving grounds then used a demo from Columbus Equipment on some projects. He did his due diligence comparing several systems. Komatsus system is the only one that is fully integrated into the dozer and that was a big plus. I dont have to rip half the machine apart at the end of the day to put the system away or worry about branches catching wires and pulling something off the machine Urig said. He also found Komatsus system to be very user friendly. Columbus Equipment Company Machine Control Division Manager Mike Fenster and salesman Doug Dvorak have been very helpful in training operators how to use the system and most of the guys are adapting pretty quickly Urig noted. He estimates an operator using an iMC dozer can do any project in 20 to 25 per- cent less time than with a conventional machine and there is no need to have an extra worker to check the grade. So a parking lot that might take five days with a conventional dozer can be done in four. Even if it took you as long youre still eliminating a worker but it definitely does it quicker. The accuracy is huge too. You do the work once. The machine puts it right on the money the first time you go through there Urig said. Originally Urig purchased a Komatsu D61i dozer but he was so impressed by the performance that he leased a D51i dozer soon thereafter. Once I had the D61 I thought this is going to kill me. We are going to have to run this machine 247 to do everything I want to do with it Urig said. Customers benefit because jobs are being done faster and more accurately. Shorter turnarounds help the com- pany win bids and Urig believes the efficiencies will KMU Trucking Excavating Inc. EXPERIENCES THE REWARDS OF CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT The accuracy is huge too. You do the work once. The machine puts it right on the money the first time you go through there. Kevin Urig President KMU Trucking Excavating Inc. KMU customers are seeing their projects being finished faster than ever before. The companys two iMC dozers pictured above make short work of a 15-acre 70000 sq. ft. Cabellas building pad parking and retention pond project on Chester Road just north of I-90 in Avon Ohio. 14