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Spring 2016 With the magnitude of projects Sidwell Materials takes on for its customers capacity and reliability are critical considerations. Sidwells previous Komatsu PC1250 amassed more than 20000 hours over ten years with no major maintenance issues. The company considered its ultimate replacement a no-brainer. Sidwell Materials Inc. DEDICATED TO SERVING CUSTOMERS AND LOCAL COMMUNITY 2 A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT The Products and The People To Serve You Josh Stivison C A D I Z 290 Old Steubenville Pike Cadiz OH 43907 740 942-8871 D A Y T O N 7570 New Carlisle Pike Dayton OH 45424 937 879-3154 M A S S I L L O N 2200 Venture Circle SE Massillon OH 44646 330 833-2420 Dear Valued Customer As the construction season hits full stride equipment reliability is a top concern for all of you. As A.J. Sidwell of Sidwell Materials comments in this issue of Connection reliable equipment is a tool we need to meet the expectations of our customers. He shares how the high reliability of Komatsu equipment has convinced the company to invest in Komatsu over competing brands again and again. Of course good maintenance practices are essential to the reliability of any machine and Komatsu comes out on top there too. Since 2011 the Komatsu CARE program has provided complimentary scheduled maintenance for the first three years or 2000 hours on Tier 4 equipment. On March 21 Columbus Equipment technicians performed the 60000th service interval on a machine covered by Komatsu CARE. That machine is a D61EXi-23 dozer owned by John Eramo Sons a longtime customer of ours. Im happy to announce that Columbus Equipment Company recently partnered with Roadtec a premier manufacturer of paving equipment. Adding the Roadtec line provides our paving customers access to a larger range of products manufactured by a leading innovator in the industry. As work gears up remember that we are here to help. Our Columbus Branch has moved to the new building at 2329 Performance Way with phone numbers and email addresses remaining the same. Sincerely Josh Stivison President Z A N E S V I L L E 818 Lee Street Zanesville OH 43701 740 455-4036 P A I N E S V I L L E 864 Richmond Road Painesville OH 44077 440 352-0452 P I K E T O N 3668 U.S. Route 23 South Piketon OH 45661 740 289-3757 C O L U M B U S 2329 Performance Way Columbus OH 43207 614 443-6541 T O L E D O 12500 Williams Road Perrysburg OH 43551 419 872-7101 C I N C I N N A T I 712 Shepherd Avenue Cincinnati OH 45215 513 771-3922 R I C H F I E L D 3942 Brecksville Road Richfield OH 44286 330 659-6681 IN THIS ISSUE ... CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT SIDWELL MATERIALS INC. Dedicated to Serving Customers and Local Community . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT NEW KOMATSU WA380-8WA470-8 WHEEL LOADERS Flexing Muscle Along SmartLoader Logical Lines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT NEW KOMATSU PC210LC-11 HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR Versatility and Comfort in One Powerful Package. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 PRODUCT NEWS ROADTEC PAVING EQUIPMENT Columbus Equipment Company Adds Full Line of Roadtec Paving Equipment. . . . . . . . 12 ENVIRONMENTAL DIVISION S.G. LOEWENDICK SONS INC. Founding Philosophy Flourishes Three Generations Later. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 COMPANY NEWS COLUMBUS BRANCH RELOCATION New State-of-the-Art Facility Reflects Customer-Centric Focus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 PRODUCT SUPPORT KOMATSU CARE 60000TH SERVICE INTERVAL PERFORMED Eramo Sons Inc. Maximizes Machine Productivity Minimizes Costs . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 BRANCH NEWS BUSY PREPARING PRODUCT AND PERSONNEL For Your 2016 Season . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 USED EQUIPMENT SPECIALS Late-Model Used Equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 COLUMBUS EQUIPMENT COMPANY PERSONNEL COLUMBUS CORPORATE OFFICE RICHARD EARLY Chairman JOSH STIVISON President MIKE SARREY CFO ERNIE POTTER Vice President Rental TIM ALBRIGHT Vice President of Sales Marketing BOB WEBER Vice President of Product Support MARK KLATT General Parts Manager JASON CRAIN General Sales Manager RAY FRASE General Service Manager JEFF RICHARDS General Manager JEFF REICHERT Finance Manager CHAD RINK Human Resources JON ST. JULIAN Used Equipment Manager RICHARD YOUNG Used Equipment Sales TIM SMITH Environmental Division Sales Manager RON DUPEROW Tree Care Product Specialist BOB STEWART Environmental Sales JESSE GARBER Environmental Sales KYLE HOOD Product Support - Major Accounts JEFF BRACKETT Product Support Major Accounts MIKE MONTGOMERY Training Technical Mngr. KEITH PATTERSON Credit Manager KEN CARR Controller TOM BRASSER Sales Administration Manager COLUMBUS BRANCH JEFF MCVEY Branch Manager GENE WYER Service Manager JASON DEEDS Parts Manager STEVE SCOTT Machine Sales RICHARD DURST Machine Sales JEREMY WILLIAMS Machine Sales ROBERT REYNOLDS Compact Machine Sales ZACH OCONNOR Inside Sales JOHN EDWARDS Product Support TOLEDO BRANCH SPENCER WALL Rental Coordinator Prep-shop Foreman LUKE MATHESON Machine Sales WILL LOY Compact Machine Sales TED MARSH Product Support - Major Accounts JORDAN NEWBURY Service Manager NEIL EHRHARDT Parts Manager CINCINNATI BRANCH JEFF MCVEY Branch Manager JEFF LOUDEN Service Manager AL SHEPHERD Parts Manager FRED WAHL Machine Sales ROGER REESE Machine Sales RANDY CALHOUN Product Support - Major Accounts ART DAVIDSON Product Support RICHFIELD BRANCH JEFF BADNER Branch Manager PAM BADNER Service Manager JEFF THORNBURG Parts Manager DOUG DVORAK Machine Sales MIKE SWAN Machine Sales TODD HORNAK Machine Sales TIM KRESOWATY Machine Sales MIKE CRONLOTAC Product Support ROB RIVERA Product Support ERIC LEWIS Inside Sales CADIZ BRANCH DAN MINNIS Branch Manager DON FOGLE Service Manager RICK FERRI Parts Manager JEFF FREELAND Machine Sales JOE MOORE Machine Sales CHRIS TAYLOR Product Support ALAN COPE Lead Parts Counter DAYTON BRANCH PATTY DAVIDSON Parts Manager MIKE EARLY Machine Sales TIM EARLY Machine Sales ART DAVIDSON Product Support MASSILLON BRANCH DAN MINNIS Branch Manager MIKE HANEY Assistant Branch Manager JOE DRAGAN Service Manager PAUL STEVENS Machine Sales MATT TEICHMER Product Support JIM HENRY Lead Parts Counter ZANESVILLE BRANCH DAN MINNIS Branch Manager FRED TRUBISKY Lead Parts Counter Person PAINESVILLE BRANCH JIM HYDE Customer Service Representative TODD HORNAK Machine Sales ROB RIVERA Product Support PIKETON BRANCH CHESTER GOWEN Branch ManagerSales RON BIXLER Product Support DAVE WALSER Product Support 3 Komatsu HM400 articulated trucks are true workhorses in the companys operations. Sidwell HM400 operator Jordan Campbell is seen here helping strip 40 feet of overburden at the Shelly Materials Ostrander Plant. A A.J. Sidwell operations manager for Sidwell Materials Inc. admits his company can be somewhat of a demanding customer but the reason behind that is simple. Sidwell Materials subcontracts throughout the State of Ohio providing stripping and crushing services for other companies including Shelly Materials Inc. and the contractor strives to exceed its customers expectations. To do that it needs safe reliable and productive equipment and a dealership that stands behind the equipment no matter what. For its contracted stripping and crushing operations as well as its own limestone sand and gravel quarries Sidwell Materials has found that Komatsu equipment and Columbus Equipment Company are those dependable partners. In the last few years Sidwell has acquired four HD465 rigid frame trucks four HM400 articulated trucks two PC800s excavatorsas well as a PC1250from Columbus Equipment Company. The reason we chose Komatsu over the competition is that we have had good luck with them. We replaced a PC1250 hydraulic excavator last year with another 1250 that is almost identical. The machine we replaced had over 20000 hours and we purchased it in 2005. We were very happy with the longevity of the machine and the small number of minor maintenance issues we had with it. We expect well get as much out of the new one Sidwell said. With the productivity and reliability we got out of the initial PC1250 it was a no-brainer to buy another one he added. I use the philosophy that if it isnt broken dont fix it. We purchased the PC800s for much the same reason. Sidwell also liked that he could get ESCO buckets on the Komatsu excavators. Thats our number one choice of bucket manufacturer to match up with the machine so we were able to get the specific bucket for the appli- cation we use the most. There is a lot of strong competition when it comes to articulated trucks. We felt that Komatsu had made a lot of meaningful improvements on the HM400s. They pair well with the 800-class machines. Its always nice to have all Komatsu machines work together he said. Sidwell Materials uses the articulated trucks for its contracted stripping work because it has found the Komatsu articu- lated trucks are the best and most economical tool to The Komatsu PC1250LC with ESCO bucket is a winning combination as far as Sidwell is concerned. CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT 5 Sidwell Materials Inc. DEDICATED TO SERVING CUSTOMERS AND LOCAL COMMUNITY With the productivity and reliability we got out of the initial PC1250 it was a no-brainer to buy another one. A.J. Sidwell Operations Manager Sidwell Materials Inc. mobilize in soft conditions. The HM400s replaced older Volvo models. Sidwell Materials runs about 12 rigid frame trucks and twice as many articulated trucks all Komatsus or Volvos. Our articulated trucks will do 100 to 120 passes a day. They are bought to do a job and we work them hard. Our operators have always liked the Komatsus including the excavators rigid frame trucks and artics. They like the comfort the ride and the power the machines offer Sidwell observed. Since operators have to sit in a machine for eight to ten hours a day you want to keep them happy so they can do a good job all day long. While Sidwell Materials is proud of its modern up-to-date fleet the company is a little leery of being a first adopter of Tier 4 technology. When possible such as when the company purchased its excavators it chose Tier 3 models. However Sidwell said buying from Columbus Equipment Company gave him confidence when he had to purchase Tier 4 models including his articulated trucks. Tier 4 is a huge step. There are lots of new things on the trucks that werent there two years ago. Its new to everyone all the manufacturers and it is inevitable there will be problems along the way as all the manu- facturers try to get the bugs out he said. I know that Dan Minnis and Columbus Equipment Company is the best at trouble shooting and fixing any problems that arise and getting our machines back into production quickly helping us to stay productive and keep our machines running. In fact a major reason behind all the purchases is the dependable service Columbus Equipment Company provides throughout Ohio. At some of the locations where we work it is hard to get dealers to respond to our maintenance needs and Columbus Equipment is very good at that Sidwell noted. While Sidwell Materials does in-house service for most of its rolling stock it contracts with Columbus Equipment to provide PM services for some of its Komatsu equipment. They help us keep track of PM services and they show up at 430 or 5 p.m. on Friday waiting for us to be done for the day. When we come in on Monday the maintenance is done and we know it has been done correctly Sidwell said. Sidwell finds another benefit to working with Komatsu machinery and Columbus Equipment Company is KOMTRAX Komatsus telematics system which enables technicians to diagnose a problem before seeing the machine. I am a big fan of 6 I know that Dan Minnis and Columbus Equipment Company is the best at trouble shooting and fixing any problems that arise and getting our machines back into production quickly. A.J. Sidwell Operations Manager Sidwell Materials Inc. Sidwell Materials found the Komatsu articulated trucks are the best and most economical tool to mobilize in soft conditions. KOMTRAX because it eliminates the technician having to come out and figure out what part he needs then go back to get it. With KOMTRAX they can figure it out in advance and bring it with them. Now the technician shows up verifies its the part and puts it on Sidwell said. Sidwell Materials usually deals with the Cadiz branch and they have excellent service techs and parts availability he added. They stock a lot of parts everything from a sensor to the DEF pump. If they dont have what we need they will shuttle the parts in within a day so we can get up and moving. Salesman Joe Moore is always on top of things Sidwell said. When we need it we buy it. Joe understands we dont buy equipment to have it sit around. Joe gets us what we need to do what we are committed to do for our customers. In 1997 Jeff Sidwell purchased the Sidwell Brothers limestone quarry in Zanesville and combined it with his ready-mix concrete and quarry operations adopting the new name of Sidwell Materials Inc. to reflect the new company. The company operates an EPA-licensed construction debris landfill and offers demolition and portable crushing services along with its quarries and stripping dirt-moving division. It has over 150 employees. Jeff Sidwell company president has invested heavily in modern equipment to increase efficiency and productivity. The company has done business with Columbus Equipment Company for about two decades according to A.J. Sidwell who is Jeffs son. Company executives believe dependable equipment is a tool to meet their ultimate goal of exceeding customer expectations. By investing in quality equipment and relying on Columbus Equipment Company to help maintain that machinery Sidwell Materials can focus on doing the work that makes it a go-to supplier and contractor for stripping crushing and aggregates throughout Ohio. Sidwell Materials Inc. is situated in Zanesville Ohio and has locations throughout the State of Ohio. The company recognizes the importance of and is committed to a mission of local community involvement. As a result of dedicated effort it created the Jeff Jennie Sidwell Family Foundation which awards two Maysville High Schoolthe familys alma materstudents scholarships each year. Through the foundation the family also created The Jeff Jennie Sidwell Family Womens Infants Center in the new Genesis Hospital in Zanesville Ohio. Operator Johnny Dalrymple makes 120 passes per day moving close to 3000 yards of material per shift. 7 I am a big fan of KOMTRAX because it eliminates the tech- nician having to come out and figure out what part he needs then go back to get it. A.J. Sidwell Operations Manager Sidwell Materials Inc. New Komatsu WA380-8WA470-8 Wheel Loaders FLEXING MUSCLE ALONG SMARTLOADER LOGICAL LINES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT T The Dash 8 versions of Komatsus WA380 and WA470 wheel loaders feature enhancements that result in better performance and lower fuel consumption. Komatsu has combined its SmartLoader Logic soft- ware with a lockup torque converter that activates in second third and fourth gears. The system provides optimal engine torque resulting in better acceleration and hill climbing a higher top speed and fuel savings of up to 6 percent compared with previous models. Both these Tier 4 Final wheel loaders are out- standing utility performers no matter the task. The 191-hp WA380-8 has one of the highest breakout forces in its class and excellent balance making it a great choice for tough digging tasks noted Craig McGinnis product manager for Komatsu America. The WA380-8 is ideal for carrying pipe sand and other aggregates for site cleanup and support and for digging into piles and backfilling. The 272-hp WA470-8 also has outstanding stability breakout power and tractive effort said Rob McMahon product manager. Whether you are moving gravel transporting pipe changing hoppers or working with landscape materials the WA470-8 is the machine you want on your worksite. Komatsu offers attachments that are specifically adapted for logging and waste-handling applications increasing the versatility of the WA470. Improvements to the operator environment include a new seat that softens machine vibrations. The cab also has a dedicated rearview monitor. Several features simplify maintenance and cut ownership costs on the wheel loaders. These include a swingout cooling fan with wider fin spacing and standard auto-reversing fan to make cleaning easier. Gull-wing style engine doors provide quick access to daily checkpoints and hinged panels on each side of the machine provide easy access to regeneration components. All Tier 4 Final Komatsu construction equipment comes with Komatsu CARE which covers scheduled factory maintenance for the first three years or 2000 hours. SmartLoader Logic provides better acceleration and hill climbing a higher top speed and fuel savings of up to 6 percent 9 Greaseless boom save time and reduces wear New efficient fly pinning design Unmatched transport flexibility jobsite travel Compliant to the highest emission requirements Link-Belt Pulse - rated capacity limiter telematics and much more 20 tilting operators cab with AMFM radio with Bluetooth Upper Cameras winch operation and swing Carrier Cameras back-upand rtight turn Automated manual transmission Halogen daytime running headlights and LED lighting Illuminated compartments and controls for night-time operation 110-Ton 100 mt Telescopic Truck Crane LINK-BELT CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT Lexington Kentucky USA Contact your local Columbus Equipment Company representative about a HTC-86110 today 1636 Columbus Equipment Heavy Lifting ads 11.17.15.indd 1 11232015 82018 AM T The new Komatsu PC210LC-11 hydraulic excavator comes with improvements that both owners and operators will appreciate including more power lower fuel consumption and a quieter cab. The new excavator is equipped with a Tier 4 Final Komatsu engine that delivers 165 horsepower an increase of 7 horsepower from the previous version. The engine uses up to 6 percent less fuel than the previous model with comparable performance and productivity. Several other enhancements also work to improve productivity while keeping ownership costs low. These include a new viscous fan clutch that improves cooling system efficiency and a standard 9634-lb. counterweight that provides better lift capacity both over the front and over the side. The excavator also has three travel speeds to reduce nonproductive time spent moving around the jobsite and six work modes to match engine speed and pump flow to different applications. Upgrades to the cab reduce interior noise by 2 decibels resulting in one of the quietest cabs in its class. Komatsu has added a split-display mode on the in-cab monitor allowing the operator to see both the rear-camera view and data from key machine gauges at the same time. To make daily checks easier the PC210LC-11 has centralized engine checkpoints providing quick access to the engine oil and filter drain valve fuel drain valve and water separator drain valve. If you need a machine capable of doing many things well for example going from loading trucks to excavating trenches to placing pipe and back again this is the excavator for you said Kurt Moncini Komatsu America product manager. For versatility and long-term value the PC210LC-11 is tough to beat. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT The new Komatsu PC210LC-11 is equipped with a Tier 4 Final Komatsu engine that delivers 165 horsepower an increase of 7 horsepower from the previous version. New Komatsu PC210LC-11 Hydraulic Excavator VERSATILITY AND COMFORT IN ONE POWERFUL PACKAGE 11 C Columbus Equipment Company ADDS FULL LINE OF ROADTEC PA COMPANY NEWS Columbus Equipment Company is now your source for the full line of Roadtec paving equipment giving Ohio paving contractors access to a broad line of innovative reliable paving products. Roadtec manufactures pavers cold planers and material transfer vehicles MTVs at its plant in Chattanooga. The company created the first MTV in the industry and its Shuttle Buggy MTV offers the latest in pavement placement technology. With this partnership customers gain access to a Tier 1 manufacturer of paving products. In addition to Roadtec pavers we are excited to be selling two new products we didnt previously have a milling cold planer and the MTVs said Tim Albright vice president of sales and marketing for Columbus Equipment Company. Roadtecs full line of road construction equipment which also includes stabilizers and brooms will be available at all 10 Columbus Equipment Company stores. Ohio customers know the Roadtec brand and have a high opinion of it Albright added. Roadtec equipment is extremely durable and reliable and is manufactured here in the U.S. And because Roadtec has historically sold directly to customers the people at Roadtec are very close to the industry and to how the products are used which is an enormous advantage for a manufacturer. If a machine isnt operating correctly or if they think they can improve a machine or if they receive product- development feedback from a customer they can make that change quickly. Roadtec is a lean and responsive company said Albright. Roadtecs full line of road construction equipment which includes pavers cold planers MTVs soil stabilizers and brooms is now available at all 10 Columbus Equipment Company stores. Roadtec equipment is extremely durable and reliable and is manufactured here in the U.S. Tim Albright VP Sales Marketing Columbus Equipment Company 12 13 AVING EQUIPMENT That understanding of the end-user market results in well-designed products that are created for the real world. Everything on these machines is there for a pur- pose. There arent any electronics that dont need to be there Albright said. Columbus Equipment Company has an outstanding reputation for reliability and professionalism. Their personnel and facilities are second to none. It does business the right way and has been a top-tier paving- support organization since 1953. We are excited about this partnership and the resulting expansion of Roadtec availability said Jeff Smith Roadtec vice president of product support and business development. One of the big similarities between Roadtec and Columbus Equipment Company is our commitment to supporting the customer Albright noted. We know what it means to have a paver down we know how critical it is to supply a technician immediately. We understand the cost of having thousands of dollars worth of hot asphalt sitting around. Thats one of the reasons Roadtec wanted us as a dealer because we will be highly responsive in supporting Roadtec equipment. Our customers know the level of support that Columbus Equipment Company brings to this partnership with access to more than 60 technicians and same-day parts support Albright said. Columbus Equipment technicians have already attended Roadtec factory training and are prepared to service any Roadtec equipment that is currently being used. Columbus Equipment Company will continue to deliver support for Dynapac paving equipment. We will continue to provide Dynapac parts service Dynapac equipment and to file any Dynapac warranty claims Albright said. Dynapac users can count on us to support their equipment. In addition to the new paving equipment offering Columbus Equipment will stock a full range of Roadtec wear parts maintenance items and supplies needed to support customers with timely service which contributes to minimizing downtime and provides the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. Columbus Equipment Company has an outstanding reputation for reliability and professionalism. It has been a top-tier paving-support organization since 1953. Tim Albright VP Sales Marketing Columbus Equipment Company Columbus Equipment Company Paving Product Support Specialist Chuck Amnah right discusses features and benefits of Roadtec equipment including an RP-175e paver an SX-8e soil stabilizer and a RX-600e cold planer which were on show at the recent 2016 Ohio Paving Expo. R S.G. Loewendick Sons Inc. FOUNDING PHILOSOPHY FLOURIS ENVIRONMENTAL DIVISION Reduce reuse recycle has been part of the DNA at S.G. Loewendick Sons Inc. since long before the saying become mainstream. S.G. Loewendick started the company back in 1929 because he wanted to build a house for his family but he couldnt afford the materials. As a demolition contractor he was able to find and recycle building materials for his own home. The company continued as a building and demolition contractor into the 1950s when company officials dropped construction to concentrate solely on demolition. Today the contractor does everything from residential demolition to dismantling entire automobile plants. Most of the work is commercial and industrial noted David Loewendick president of the company which is now run by the third generation. Last year the company added the capability to recycle concrete when it purchased a McCloskey J50 Jaw Crusher R155 Screener and 36x100 Track Stacker from Columbus Equipment Companys Environmental Division. The equipment is portable so it can be used on a jobsite or at the Frank Road Recycling Center the company owns. Wherever its used it allows the com- pany to save landfill space and generate income by reusing or selling the crushed concrete. The company bought the McCloskey equipment specifically for the demolition of Veterans Memorial in Columbus Dave Loewendick said. The McCloskey equipment was brought in for the third phase of the Vets Memorial demolition which involved the slabs and underground foundation of the building. We achieved a 100 percent recycle rate. Since the building was already gone there was no debris just concrete he said. Loewendick crews crushed 13000 tons of concrete with the J50 and pulled out 240 tons of rebar. We used 5000 tons of the concrete on our own site work and we sold the rest back to the county which will utilize it on the Veterans Memorial site. By crushing onsite and selling it back to the developer we helped divert 2200 truckloads off the streets cutting wear and tear on the highways and creating a cost savings for the customer. Before selecting the McCloskey equipment S.G. Loewendick Sons tested several brands. In the end the McCloskey equipment delivered what we wanted ease of use and transportability. It was the biggest crusher we could get and still move it it delivers the product and it has been holding up really well. Dealership support from Columbus Equipment A combination of McCloskey J50 Jaw Crusher background and McCloskey R155 Screener foreground make short work of 13000 tons of concrete and 240 tons of rebar in downtown Columbus Ohio. The McCloskey equipment was brought in for the third phase of the Vets Memorial demolition. Dave Loewendick President S.G. Loewendick Sons Inc. 14 15 SHES THREE GENERATIONS LATER Company was another important factor in the purchase. They are local. If something goes wrong they can get a guy right here Loewendick said. Weve been dealing with Columbus Equipment probably since its inception. They are customer oriented and deliver what they say they are going to do. At the Frank Road Recycling Center the McCloskey equipment has processed more than 10000 tons of concrete between trips to jobsites according to Ken Pennington operations manager. Its very quick to set up. The whole setup process probably takes two guys about an hour and a half. Pennington has been pleased with the McCloskey equipment for several reasons including the fact that the remote-controlled crusher is very user-friendly the equipment is fuel-efficient and its a tough machine. While he has the option of running mostly clean loads the J50 does well with both clean loads of concrete and rougher loads with concrete and rebar he added. Nearly 90 years ago S.G. Loewendick proved the wisdom of recycling material from demolition sites. Today McCloskey equipment is helping his descendants expand that philosophy bringing in revenue and saving virgin materials landfill space and transportation costs in the process. Weve been dealing with Columbus Equipment probably since its inception. They are customer oriented and deliver what they say they are going to do. Dave Loewendick President S.G. Loewendick Sons Inc. In the shadows of the LeVeque and Vern Riffe State Office Towers S.G. Loewendick Sons achieved an impressive 100 percent recycle rate on the Vets Memorial Phase III demolition project. C Columbus Branch Relocation NEW STATE-OF-THEART FACILITY RE COMPANY NEWS 16 Columbus Equipment Company has moved the Columbus branch store including the parts and service departments to a new facility at 2329 Performance Way next to the corporate headquarters in Columbus. The new state-of-the-art 35000-square-foot branch buildingcustom designed for equipment-specific operationswill provide a more efficient and user-friendly space for both customers and employees. The new facility reflects Columbus Equipment Companys commitment to continuous improvement in how we serve our customers said Jeff McVey branch manager. The first thing customers will notice is the increased parking and ease of access. With much larger yard space the branch will be able to keep more equipment on hand for sales and rental needs McVey said. Customers will also find access to the parts department and hydraulic hose replacements to be easy and more efficient. The entire parts department is under one roof and Columbus Equipment Company installed 30-foot racking for parts storage plus a state-of-the-art retrieval system. An embedded rail system in the warehouse allows track equipment to ride on steel rails 316 inch above the face of the concrete. The new warehouse allows us to have a larger parts inventory so we can have more parts in stock when customers need them. We anticipate reduced shipping times and less downtime for customers McVey said. The service department has also been consolidated under one roof noted Gene Wyer service manager for the branch. At the old location service work was performed in three different areas that were added as the department grew over the years creating a mazelike space. We will be able to work on larger equipment more The new facility reflects Columbus Equipment Companys commitment to continuous improvement in how we serve our customers. Jeff McVey Branch Manager Columbus Equipment Company EFLECTS CUSTOMER-CENTRIC FOCUS 17 conveniently without being crowded. Were all in one place where you can see everything thats being worked on Wyer said. The four drive-through bays make it safer for our employees because they wont have to back up equipment. While the shop has eight bays the same as in the old shop they are larger and the layout is more efficient. Other safety and efficiency features in the service area include new remote-control overhead cranes and a state-of-the-art inside wash bay and steam rack. Theres also a designated area where lube trucks can be filled and unloaded increasing efficiency. The service department completed its move on April 18 without any interruption of service. We had to finish up a few pieces we were working on in the old facility but we were functional the whole time Wyer said. A lot of thought and research went into the design of the new Columbus branch. Company officials showed us the plans and asked for our recommendations. They were very receptive to our input Wyer said. McVey who also oversaw a branch move when he managed the Cincinnati branch knows from experience that a new building absolutely brings a boost in morale. Its a facility we are all proud of and we are looking forward to working in it for a long time. The architect was Collaborative Design Ltd. Corna Kokosing was the general contractor and did the concrete steel carpentry and interior finishes on the project where work started in July 2015. CKs millshop also built all the casework including the custom semi-circular front lobby desk with stainless steel top. The Columbus branch held a formal grand opening ceremony later on Monday May 9th. Please come by the new store anytime at 2329 Performance Way for assistance with parts service sales rentals or simply to experience the new space. The service department completed its move on April 18 without any interruption of service. C Komatsu CARE 60000th Service Interva ERAMO SONS INC. MAXIMIZES MACH PRODUCT SUPPORT 18 Columbus Equipment Company technicians performed the milestone 60000th service interval under Komatsu CARE the complimentary factory service program Komatsu provides on its Tier 4 construction equipment. The service was on a Komatsu D61EXi-23 dozer owned by John Eramo Sons Inc. an earth moving and underground utility company based in Hilliard Ohio. The contracting firma longtime Komatsu user and Columbus Equipment Company customerreceived a service citation in a ceremony at Columbus Equipment Companys headquarters on March 21. Komatsu CARE covers the machinewhether it is purchased leased or rentedfor the first three years or 2000 hours whichever comes first. It covers all scheduled factory maintenance and includes a 50-point inspection at each service. The program also provides two complimentary Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter exchanges and in some cases two DEF tank flushes in the first five years. Komatsu pioneered complimentary maintenance in 2011 to ensure that Tier 4 machines get the service required to keep them running smoothly. With all the new Tier 4 technology it is important that the units be serviced properly and on time including using special oil and filters said Bob Weber vice president of product support for Columbus Equipment Company. By providing the service through distributors like Columbus Equipment Company Komatsu ensures the machines are appropriately cared for eliminating down- time for improper or inconsistent maintenance. With the correct oil and filters owners get the full benefits of Tier 4 technology and prolong the life of the equipment. The scheduled maintenance provides owners additional benefits. Our technicians will service the John Eramo Sons CFO Chris Eramo left Service Manager Dave Penwell third left Chairman of the Board Rocky Eramo center and Vice President Brian Eramo second right receive a Komatsu CARE service interval certificate. From left to right remaining CEC personnel Sales Rep. Jeremy Williams VP of Product Support Bob Weber Sales Rep. retired Bob Gregory and President Josh Stivison. With all the new Tier 4 technology it is important that the units be serviced properly and on time including using special oil and filters. Bob Weber VP of Product Support Columbus Equipment Company val Performed HINE PRODUCTIVITY MINIMIZES COSTS 19 machines a minimum of four times at 500 1000 1500 and 2000 hours and each time they will do a 50-point inspection Weber said. If we see a problem we can address it very quickly reducing downtime to a minimum. Columbus Equipment also recycles the oil and disposes the filters in an environmentally-sound manner. At the end of the Komatsu CARE contract the customer receives a certificate indicating the 3-year-old machine has received factory-scheduled care for the period. That will increase the resale value of the equipment because the buyer has proof that the machine was properly cared for Weber added. John Eramo Sons owns several Tier 4 machines with the Komatsu CARE package said Chris Eramo CFO. Its definitely helpful with the new Tier 4 Final models. We are not that familiar with the new filters and Columbus Equipment technicians know whats going on with all the new emissions and what needs to be checked. Its nice not having to worry about it. Komatsu CARE shows Komatsus commitment to their customers. Having the coverage also helps from a budgeting standpoint Eramo added. Knowing we will not have any maintenance costs during that period saves us money and labor and means there are no questions about what our cost is going to be for that period of ownership. Eramos company which is celebrating its 50th year in business has been using Komatsu equipment since the early 1980s and currently has a fleet of more than 30 Komatsu excavators dozers and wheel loaders. If lowering cost of ownership improving equipment uptime and reliability and protecting capital investment value are important to you theres no better program available than Komatsu CARE the most comprehensive offering in the marketplace said Mike Hayes Director of Service Marketing and Distributor Development for Komatsu America Corp. Working with distributors like Columbus Equipment our customers know theyll have the resources and staff needed to maximize machine productivity and minimize costs. If lowering cost of ownership improving equipment uptime and reliability and protecting capital investment value are important to you theres no better program available than Komatsu CARE. Mike Hayes Director of Service Marketing and Distributor Development Komatsu America Corp. Komatsu Eramo Sons and CEC personnel. We are not that familiar with the new filters and Columbus Equipment technicians know whats going on with all the new emissions and what needs to be checked. Its nice not having to worry about it. Komatsu CARE shows Komatsus commitment to their customers. Chris Eramo CFO John Eramo Sons When You Control Cash Flow ... You Control Profit. TEN LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU Contact Your Local Branch Today Call Today For A Wide Range of Late-Model Rental Solutions Ohios Dependable Dealer CEC 21_Apr12_CEC20_pg 82412 1043 AM Page 8 A 22 BRANCH NEWS Busy Preparing Product and Personnel FOR YOUR 2016 SEASON As you have read in this issue the work of serving a diverse equipment customer base in Ohio is never done. Tooling the dealership with industry-leading products state-of-the-art facilities and high-quality personnel is an enduring mission. Pictured above Then company introduces the Roadtec line of road development equipment at the 2016 Ohio Asphalt Expo in Columbus Ohio. Toledo Branch Jordan Newbury is the new Service Manager in Toledo. Jordan comes to Columbus Equipment Company from Utility Equipment Rentals where he dealt with a wide range of equipment. He also has experience as an aircraft technician. Jordans hobby is flying. The Swanton Ohio resident also enjoys spending time with his wife and family. We look forward to seeing Jordan grow and develop in support of the Northwest Ohio territory said Jeff Richards general manager of the Columbus branch. Will Loy has joined the Toledo Branch as a Compact Equipment Salesman. Will a certified arborist knows the machinery having previously worked for The Bob Ray Company a customer of Columbus Equipment Company. I have worked in the field with this equipment and I know how it makes the job go smoother he noted. I like that Ill be able to help provide that service for people. Will who earned a history degree while playing on his college lacrosse team enjoys hunting and fishing. Richfield Branch Eric Lewis has joined the Richfield branch as Inside Sales Coordinator. Eric who recently earned a business degree from Kent State previously worked as a machinist in a grinding shop. He enjoys golf hunting and fishing. Cadiz Branch Jeff Freeland is a new Machine Sales Representative for the Cadiz branch. Jeff has been in the construction industry for 18 years and has experi- ence selling equipment and tools. Joining the Cadiz branch means Jeff can move back to his hometown of Belpre Ohio and work with his fathers best friend Cadiz sales rep Joe Moore. Jeff the father of two boys is a big football fan. For the past eight years he has been a volunteer football coach at Hilliard Darby High School. Massillon Branch Matt Teichmer has joined the Massillon branch as a Product Support Rep. He previously worked in the oil and gas industry which gave him extensive equipment expe- rience. Matt who has a business degree from the University of Akron has done everything from working in the oilfield to run- ning the Ohio district for an oil and gas company. In his spare time Matt enjoys golf. USED EQUIPMENT Monthly Specials Looking To Buy or Sell Any Brand of Machine Call Jon St. Julian at 614 332-3258 or Skip Young at 614 395-1354. For a Complete List of Used Equipment Please Visit YEAR MAKE MODEL STOCK HOURS PRICE DOZER 2013 Komatsu D39PX-23 K9216T 3476 129000 2013 Komatsu D51EX-22 K9140T 1710 160000 2005 Komatsu D61EX-15 RK8261T 9850 49000 2013 Komatsu D61PX-23 RU29154 1537 235000 EXCAVATORS 2005 Komatsu PC138USLC-2 K9073T 5020 49000 2006 Komatsu PC200LC-8 K9071T 7137 72000 2013 Komatsu PC210LC-10 K9146T 1915 159000 2014 Komatsu PC210LC-10 K9179T 4118 135000 2005 Komatsu PC228USLC-3 U30168 8996 52000 2013 Komatsu PC240LC-10 U28365 578 225000 2013 Komatsu PC290LC-10 RU29153 1563 220000 2012 Komatsu PC290LF-10 RU25089 1497 235000 2004 Komatsu PC308USLC-3 U26860 4791 175500 2004 Komatsu PC50MR-2 28848T 945 32000 2009 Komatsu PC55MR-3 U27306 2566 49500 2005 Komatsu PC78MR-6 K7930T 4713 37500 2009 Komatsu PC78MR-6 U26489 2752 73500 2014 Komatsu PC800LC-8E0 U29155 4596 675000 WHEEL LOADER 1998 Komatsu WA250-3 K8891T 0 27500 2011 Komatsu WA250-6 U30373 1283 129000 2014 Komatsu WA270-7 U29151 1520 135000 2013 Komatsu WA320-7 RU28938 541 165000 2012 Komatsu WA380-7 RU25018 2302 170000 CRANE 2008 Link Belt RTC8030II U26490 2764 260000 2009 Link Belt RTC8050II U28946 1790 325000 2012 Link Belt RTC8050II U29479 1550 Call - Link Belt RTC8065II U26090 7712 Call - Grove RT-760 29832T 9292 135000 CRAWLER CARRIER 2010 Komatsu CD60R-1A U28806 2734 125000 MISCELLANEOUS 2004 CAT Rigid Frame Truck 769 K9223T 14500 Call UP TO 6-MONTH POWERTRAIN WARRANTY STANDARD ON ALL REMARKETING CERTIFIED MACHINES 2014 Komatsu D51EX-22 Stock K8845T Cab AC 783 Hours 180000 2000 Komatsu CD60R-1E Stock RU24724 85000 2013 Komatsu D61EX-23 Stock U29198 Cab AC Winch 1250 Hours 255000 23 2016 Mediaworks Marketing Inc. 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