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New Komatsu WA380-8WA470-8 Wheel Loaders FLEXING MUSCLE ALONG SMARTLOADER LOGICAL LINES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT T The Dash 8 versions of Komatsus WA380 and WA470 wheel loaders feature enhancements that result in better performance and lower fuel consumption. Komatsu has combined its SmartLoader Logic soft- ware with a lockup torque converter that activates in second third and fourth gears. The system provides optimal engine torque resulting in better acceleration and hill climbing a higher top speed and fuel savings of up to 6 percent compared with previous models. Both these Tier 4 Final wheel loaders are out- standing utility performers no matter the task. The 191-hp WA380-8 has one of the highest breakout forces in its class and excellent balance making it a great choice for tough digging tasks noted Craig McGinnis product manager for Komatsu America. The WA380-8 is ideal for carrying pipe sand and other aggregates for site cleanup and support and for digging into piles and backfilling. The 272-hp WA470-8 also has outstanding stability breakout power and tractive effort said Rob McMahon product manager. Whether you are moving gravel transporting pipe changing hoppers or working with landscape materials the WA470-8 is the machine you want on your worksite. Komatsu offers attachments that are specifically adapted for logging and waste-handling applications increasing the versatility of the WA470. Improvements to the operator environment include a new seat that softens machine vibrations. The cab also has a dedicated rearview monitor. Several features simplify maintenance and cut ownership costs on the wheel loaders. These include a swingout cooling fan with wider fin spacing and standard auto-reversing fan to make cleaning easier. Gull-wing style engine doors provide quick access to daily checkpoints and hinged panels on each side of the machine provide easy access to regeneration components. All Tier 4 Final Komatsu construction equipment comes with Komatsu CARE which covers scheduled factory maintenance for the first three years or 2000 hours. SmartLoader Logic provides better acceleration and hill climbing a higher top speed and fuel savings of up to 6 percent 9