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A A.J. Sidwell operations manager for Sidwell Materials Inc. admits his company can be somewhat of a demanding customer but the reason behind that is simple. Sidwell Materials subcontracts throughout the State of Ohio providing stripping and crushing services for other companies including Shelly Materials Inc. and the contractor strives to exceed its customers expectations. To do that it needs safe reliable and productive equipment and a dealership that stands behind the equipment no matter what. For its contracted stripping and crushing operations as well as its own limestone sand and gravel quarries Sidwell Materials has found that Komatsu equipment and Columbus Equipment Company are those dependable partners. In the last few years Sidwell has acquired four HD465 rigid frame trucks four HM400 articulated trucks two PC800s excavatorsas well as a PC1250from Columbus Equipment Company. The reason we chose Komatsu over the competition is that we have had good luck with them. We replaced a PC1250 hydraulic excavator last year with another 1250 that is almost identical. The machine we replaced had over 20000 hours and we purchased it in 2005. We were very happy with the longevity of the machine and the small number of minor maintenance issues we had with it. We expect well get as much out of the new one Sidwell said. With the productivity and reliability we got out of the initial PC1250 it was a no-brainer to buy another one he added. I use the philosophy that if it isnt broken dont fix it. We purchased the PC800s for much the same reason. Sidwell also liked that he could get ESCO buckets on the Komatsu excavators. Thats our number one choice of bucket manufacturer to match up with the machine so we were able to get the specific bucket for the appli- cation we use the most. There is a lot of strong competition when it comes to articulated trucks. We felt that Komatsu had made a lot of meaningful improvements on the HM400s. They pair well with the 800-class machines. Its always nice to have all Komatsu machines work together he said. Sidwell Materials uses the articulated trucks for its contracted stripping work because it has found the Komatsu articu- lated trucks are the best and most economical tool to The Komatsu PC1250LC with ESCO bucket is a winning combination as far as Sidwell is concerned. CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT 5 Sidwell Materials Inc. DEDICATED TO SERVING CUSTOMERS AND LOCAL COMMUNITY With the productivity and reliability we got out of the initial PC1250 it was a no-brainer to buy another one. A.J. Sidwell Operations Manager Sidwell Materials Inc.