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7 operator knows how to use the system he can do as well as an experienced operator Worthington said. You can use a less experienced guy and not have the inefficien- cies you might otherwise experience. You cant put a dollar figure on it but the fact a less-experienced opera- tor can see his productivity almost double by virtue of this technology is an obvious benefit. Scott Thompson started the excavation company in 1999 to complement his concrete business. While the com- panies work together on some projects the excavation side has grown into its own business doing projects such as site development for large residential builders. Thompson Concrete is one of the largest concrete companies in Central Ohio and Thompson would like to become one of the excavation leaders in the region as well. One of the keys to the success of our business is empowering the talented people who work here with the best equipment the industry has to offer. We are excited about this technology. It gives us an advantage that helps us deliver significant value to our customers Thompson said. Columbus Equipment Company president Josh Stivison and sales representative Rich Durst approached Thompson about the iMC machinery before Komatsu formally introduced it. After seeing a presentation on the D61i at ConExpo Thompson and his Operations Manager Nate Worthington were interested enough to be the first company in the U.S. to try the dozer and ultimately buy it. Thompson admits he is not usually an early adopter of technology because he wants to be sure the tech- nology is proven before he invests. However he was confident in the iMC equipment because GPS is estab- lished technology and because he had the assurance that Komatsu and Columbus Equipment would stand behind the entire system no matter what. That said the Komatsu iMC dozers and excavator have both exceeded expectations according to Nate Worthington who flatly declared We will never buy another trackhoe that is not an intelligent machine. An intelligent machine can be used for so many differ- ent things. We are planning on purchasing only iMC machines in the future. Second right from left to right Rich Durst Columbus Equipment Company sales rep. Nate Worthington operations manager Scott Thompson owner and Wes Worthington site supervisor. Scott Thompson takes pride in empowering dedicated employees with the best equipment the industry has to offer. The advantages of the iMC system were obvious from the first project we used the iMC equipment on. Woody Mohler Survey Manager Thompson Excavating The fact a less-experienced operator can see his productivity almost double by virtue of this technology is an obvious benefit.