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opment in Groveport. It generally takes me a couple of days to cut the road in and to do parking spots but the total time with this was less than a day he said. Overall that project which included grading streets twelve building pads and several garage floors took two weeks about half of the time originally allotted said Woody Mohler survey manager for Thompson Excavation. As long as the job has a CAD file and you can cre- ate a model for that these machines can do any job road work building pads residential or commercial buildings. There are no limitations Nate Worthington said. The work is more efficient with the program making it easier to cut grade on-grade the first time. Work gets done in fewer passes and no time is wasted on checking the grade. When you are digging foundations once you have the model established you dont need to have an extra worker checking grade or giving line Worthington said. Both the excavator and the dozer give you line and grade for everything you do so you dont need a surveyor. There used to be thousands of stakes on a jobsite now the only stakes we use are at control points. If you lose a stake the machine can give you the elevation and you can reset the stake. You dont have to call the surveyor. The advantages of the iMC system were obvious from the first project we used the iMC equipment on Mohler said. The project was for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources rebuilding an embankment on the dam at Dow Lake in Strouds Run State Park near Athens. The embankment involved a variety of compound slopes and grades. As far as survey work on my end I went to the job site half a dozen times compared with 50 to 60 times to set and reset stakes. On the front end of that it takes a little more time to generate the 3-D modeling but it is well worth it versus going out and setting stakes over and over. The D61i was moving more than 2000 yards of dirt a day on the project building in the slope as it built the embankment creating the contours and eleva- tions required without a surveyor or grade stick on site. In my opinion using the iMC dozer cut the cost of two people off the labor force that whole time Nate Worthington said. The Komatsus have also proven beneficial in terms of meeting EPA regulations requiring sediment ponds at developments the company works on. Before we had to stake around the pond and make sure it was built to plan specifications. Now once we build the model the dozer or track hoe can look at the screen and build it all. We dont have to check grade or stakes the machine wont go where it shouldnt. One or two passes is all it takes Worthington said. Operators like the machinery because it takes the worry out of being precise on the job. They dont have to check grade every as often and that means once any 6 Stake-free environment With iMC there is no overcutting and no need to place thousands of stakes at the jobsite before work begins. As a result Thompson Survey Manager Woody Mohler reduced jobsite visits from 50-60 down to just twelve. As far as the excavator goes it increases production by 30 to 40 percent for utility work. Nate Worthington Operations Manager Thompson Excavation