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2015 iMC Showcase Event Series iNTELLIGENT MACHINE CONTROL COME SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT B Because seeing is believing when it comes to intelligent Machine Control iMC technology Columbus Equipment Company and Komatsu are sponsoring a series of iMC Showcase Events in Columbus this summer. During this four-hour event customers will get to meet iMC technology up close and personal learning the principles behind the technology in a classroom setting then getting hands-on experience in the equipment. Once you see how this proprietary technology can be applied to your specific applications youll never see earthmoving the same way again. Komatsus iMC is fully integrated allowing the equip- ment to exhibit real machine control including knowing where and how deep to dig. Unlike aftermarket systems the intelligent machines are able to correct themselves including adjusting blade loading blade angle power and hydraulics. It is revolutionary technology for contractors involved in major grading or site development work. At the showcase events Columbus Equipment Technology Solutions Experts Mike Fenster and Nate Koerper will be on hand along with representatives of Komatsus iMC team. They will answer questions about the technology and provide presentations on KOMTRAX and the evolution of automation and machine control technology. They will go over the intelligence platforms used in the D39i D51i and D61i dozers and in the PC210LCi excavator. During the hands-on portion jobsite scenarios are simulated to demonstrate iMC capabilities. Company owners operators and surveyors are all invited to the event which will take place on the third Monday of June July August and September. Presentations will be the same each time so choose the date that is convenient for you. At similar events in the past weve found some people start the day curious if such pioneering technology can really live up to the hype Machine Control Division Manager Fenster said. However after they experience the demonstration the light goes on. The 2015 iMC showcase events will be held June 15 July 20 August 17 and September 21 at Columbus Equipments corporate office 2323 Performance Way Columbus. Please contact Mike Fenster at 614 802-7099 to reserve a slot. COMPANY EVENT 1717