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Spring 2015 Equipped with what is likely the first fleet of Komatsu intelligent Machine Control iMC equipment in the United States Thompson Excavation Ltd is reaping big benefits in terms of getting the job done faster and more efficiently. Thompson Excavation Ltd SURVEYING THE BENEFITS OF A NEW EARTHMOVING PARADIGM A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT The Products and The People To Serve You Josh Stivison C A D I Z 290 Old Steubenville Pike Cadiz OH 43907 740 942-8871 D A Y T O N 7570 New Carlisle Pike Dayton OH 45424 937 879-3154 C A N T O N 1900 Cleveland Ave. SW. Canton OH 44707 330 453-4521 Dear Valued Customer Komatsus new intelligent Machine Control iMC is quickly gain- ing traction as a transformative technology in the earthmoving industry. Usersincluding Thompson Excavation Ltd.are finding Komatsu iMC dozers and excavators allow them to perform a task in half the time it would take with conventional equipment with fewer man hours invested on the jobsite because there is no need for stakes or lines. Thompson Excavation was an early adopter of the technology. Read how the tech- nology has helped them on a variety of projects from housing develop- ments to a dam embankment in this issue of the Connection. Im sure youre going to want to know more about how iMC could help your company after reading about Thompsons experiences so please plan on attending one of the 2015 iMC Showcase Events well be hosting at our corporate campus in Columbus over the summer. Crane sales continue at a record pace here in Ohio thanks in part to Link-Belts new smart designs that focus on ease of transport. Baker Welding Crane Service recently took delivery of a Link-Belt ATC-3210 and owner Jeff Baker shares his reasons for selecting the crane in this issue. The 2015 busy season is upon us and it looks to be a busy one. Please dont hesitate to call us if you need service parts or advice to help you be more productive this season. Sincerely Josh Stivison President 2 Z A N E S V I L L E 818 Lee Street Zanesville OH 43701 740 455-4036 P A I N E S V I L L E 864 Richmond Road Painesville OH 44077 440 352-0452 P I K E T O N 3668 U.S. Route 23 South Piketon OH 45661 740 289-3757 C O L U M B U S 50 E. Kingston Avenue Columbus OH 43207 614 443-6541 T O L E D O 12500 Williams Road Perrysburg OH 43551 419 872-7101 C I N C I N N A T I 712 Shepherd Avenue Cincinnati OH 45215 513 771-3922 R I C H F I E L D 3942 Brecksville Road Richfield OH 44286 330 659-6681 IN THIS ISSUE 3 CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT THOMPSON EXCAVATION LTD Surveying the Benefits of a New Earthmoving Paradigm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 PRODUCT NEWS NEW KOMATSU PC360 AND PC390 DASH 11 EXCAVATORS The Next Generation of Outperformance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 LIFTING DIVISION BAKERS WELDING CRANE SERVICE Growing Strategically and Safely. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 ENVIRONMENTAL DIVISION BOB RAY COMPANY Pioneering on the Land-Clearing Frontier. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 PRODUCT SUPPORT KOMATSU AND CADIZ BRANCH Combine to Refine and Implement Large Dozer Rebuild Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 PRODUCT SUPPORT 2015 iMC SHOWCASE EVENT SERIES intelligent Machine Control Come See It to Believe It . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 BRANCH NEWS iMC IS ON THE MOVE Milestone Anniversaries Canton Branch Also on the Move. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 USED EQUIPMENT SPECIALS Late-Model Used Equipment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 COLUMBUS EQUIPMENT COMPANY PERSONNEL COLUMBUS CORPORATE OFFICE RICHARD EARLY Chairman JOSH STIVISON President MIKE SARREY CFO ERNIE POTTER Vice President Rental TIM ALBRIGHT Vice President of Sales Marketing BOB WEBER Vice President of Product Support MARK KLATT General Parts Manager JASON CRAIN General Sales Manager RAY FRASE General Service Manager JEFF RICHARDS General Manager JEFF REICHERT Finance Manager DEIDRA CARR Human Resources JON ST. JULIAN Used Equipment Manager RICHARD YOUNG Used Equipment Sales TIM SMITH Environmental Division Sales Manager RON DUPEROW Environmental Sales BOB STEWART Environmental Sales JESSE GARBER Environmental Sales KYLE HOOD Product Support - Major Accounts MIKE MONTGOMERY Trainer CINDY HYLAND Credit Manager KEN CARR Controller TOM BRASSER Sales Administration Manager COLUMBUS BRANCH JEFF MCVEY Branch Manager GENE WYER Service Manager JASON DEEDS Parts Manager STEVE SCOTT Machine Sales JEFF BRACKETT Machine Sales RICHARD DURST Machine Sales JEREMY WILLIAMS Machine Sales ZACH OCONNOR Inside Sales JOHN EDWARDS Product Support TOLEDO BRANCH DAVID SARREY Branch Manager JAKE MCGRANAHAN Service Manager SPENCER WALL Rental Coordinator Prep-shop Foreman LUKE MATHESON Machine Sales TED MARSH Product Support - Major Accounts NEIL EHRHARDT Parts Manager CINCINNATI BRANCH JEFF MCVEY Branch Manager JEFF LOUDEN Service Manager AL SHEPHERD Parts Manager FRED WAHL Machine Sales ROGER REESE Machine Sales AARON HENSLER Compact Machine Sales RANDY CALHOUN Product Support - Major Accounts ART DAVIDSON Product Support RICHFIELD BRANCH JEFF BADNER Branch Manager PAM BADNER Service Manager JEFF THORNBURG Parts Manager DOUG DVORAK Machine Sales MIKE SWAN Machine Sales TODD HORNAK Machine Sales TIM KRESOWATY Machine Sales MIKE CRONLOTAC Product Support ROB RIVERA Product Support CADIZ BRANCH DAN MINNIS Branch Manager DON FOGLE Service Manager RICK FERRI Parts Manager JOE MOORE Machine Sales CHRIS TAYLOR Product Support ALAN COPE Lead Parts Counter DAYTON BRANCH PATTY DAVIDSON Parts Manager MIKE EARLY Machine Sales TIM EARLY Machine Sales ART DAVIDSON Product Support CANTON BRANCH DAN MINNIS Branch Manager JOE DRAGAN Service Manager PAUL STEVENS Machine Sales JOEL CRAMBLETT Product Support - Major Accounts CHRIS TAYLOR Product Support JIM HENRY Lead Parts Counter ZANESVILLE BRANCH DAN MINNIS Branch Manager FRED TRUBISKY Lead Parts Counter Person PAINESVILLE BRANCH JIM HYDE Customer Service Representative TODD HORNAK Machine Sales ROB RIVERA Product Support PIKETON BRANCH CHESTER GOWEN Branch ManagerSales RON BIXLER Product Support DAVE WALSER Product Support Scott Thompson owner of Thompson Excavation Ltd. admits he is not usually an early adopter of new technology but is excited about the potential of Komatsus intelligent Machine Control stating iMC gives us an advantage that helps us deliver significant value to our customers. 5 E Equipped with what is likely the first fleet of Komatsu intelligent Machine Control iMC equipment in the United States Thompson Excavation Ltd. is reaping big benefits in terms of getting the job done faster and more efficiently with fewer people needed at the jobsite. Everyone from company owner to machine operator is excited about the new technology which has cut the time required on some projects by 30 to 40 percent. With the Komatsu iMC equipment we can offer more value to our clients. The equipment allows us to add value because it is faster more productive and more efficient said Scott Thompson owner of Thompson Excavation and Thompson Concrete based in Carroll Ohio. Thompson Excavation recently purchased a Komatsu PC210LCi excavator as well as D51i and D61i dozers to add to their fleet. The companys PC210i excavator was the first of its kind to be used in the United States. Komatsus iMC equipment is the first to fully integrate machine control into the system greatly enhancing automation versus a regular machine with an aftermarket GPS unit. Using integrated Topcon technology the entire project can be modeled in 3-D so the excavator or dozer knows the grade and slope of the project the location of corners and edges of building pads and the depth to dig. There is no overcutting and no need to place thousands of stakes at the jobsite before work begins. The result is a big savings in time and money according to Nate Worthington operations manager for Thompson Excavation. As far as the excavator goes it increases pro- duction by 30 to 40 percent for utility work he said. On a recent storm sewer project in New Albany for instance an operator using the PC210i was able to lay 300 to 350 linear feet of pipe a day compared with the 200 feet a day the company had estimated when bidding on the project. The iMC dozers are able to fine-grade pads or roadways in 30 to 40 percent less time than with a conventional machine and no GPS he added. Anything you have to cut to a certain elevation the production efficiency is amazing. Site supervisor Wesley Worthington used one of the intelligent dozers at the Preserve at Winchester Crossing an Ardent Communities townhome condominium devel- Komatsu iMC dozers and excavator have both exceeded expectations on Thompson projects. Operations Manager Nate Worthington makes no bones of the fact We will never buy another trackhoe that is not an intelligent machine. CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT Thompson Excavation Ltd. SURVEYING THE BENEFITS OF A NEW EARTHMOVING PARADIGM Equipped with what is likely the first fleet of Komatsu intelligent Machine Control iMC equipment in the United States Thompson Excavation Ltd. is reaping big benefits. opment in Groveport. It generally takes me a couple of days to cut the road in and to do parking spots but the total time with this was less than a day he said. Overall that project which included grading streets twelve building pads and several garage floors took two weeks about half of the time originally allotted said Woody Mohler survey manager for Thompson Excavation. As long as the job has a CAD file and you can cre- ate a model for that these machines can do any job road work building pads residential or commercial buildings. There are no limitations Nate Worthington said. The work is more efficient with the program making it easier to cut grade on-grade the first time. Work gets done in fewer passes and no time is wasted on checking the grade. When you are digging foundations once you have the model established you dont need to have an extra worker checking grade or giving line Worthington said. Both the excavator and the dozer give you line and grade for everything you do so you dont need a surveyor. There used to be thousands of stakes on a jobsite now the only stakes we use are at control points. If you lose a stake the machine can give you the elevation and you can reset the stake. You dont have to call the surveyor. The advantages of the iMC system were obvious from the first project we used the iMC equipment on Mohler said. The project was for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources rebuilding an embankment on the dam at Dow Lake in Strouds Run State Park near Athens. The embankment involved a variety of compound slopes and grades. As far as survey work on my end I went to the job site half a dozen times compared with 50 to 60 times to set and reset stakes. On the front end of that it takes a little more time to generate the 3-D modeling but it is well worth it versus going out and setting stakes over and over. The D61i was moving more than 2000 yards of dirt a day on the project building in the slope as it built the embankment creating the contours and eleva- tions required without a surveyor or grade stick on site. In my opinion using the iMC dozer cut the cost of two people off the labor force that whole time Nate Worthington said. The Komatsus have also proven beneficial in terms of meeting EPA regulations requiring sediment ponds at developments the company works on. Before we had to stake around the pond and make sure it was built to plan specifications. Now once we build the model the dozer or track hoe can look at the screen and build it all. We dont have to check grade or stakes the machine wont go where it shouldnt. One or two passes is all it takes Worthington said. Operators like the machinery because it takes the worry out of being precise on the job. They dont have to check grade every as often and that means once any 6 Stake-free environment With iMC there is no overcutting and no need to place thousands of stakes at the jobsite before work begins. As a result Thompson Survey Manager Woody Mohler reduced jobsite visits from 50-60 down to just twelve. As far as the excavator goes it increases production by 30 to 40 percent for utility work. Nate Worthington Operations Manager Thompson Excavation 7 operator knows how to use the system he can do as well as an experienced operator Worthington said. You can use a less experienced guy and not have the inefficien- cies you might otherwise experience. You cant put a dollar figure on it but the fact a less-experienced opera- tor can see his productivity almost double by virtue of this technology is an obvious benefit. Scott Thompson started the excavation company in 1999 to complement his concrete business. While the com- panies work together on some projects the excavation side has grown into its own business doing projects such as site development for large residential builders. Thompson Concrete is one of the largest concrete companies in Central Ohio and Thompson would like to become one of the excavation leaders in the region as well. One of the keys to the success of our business is empowering the talented people who work here with the best equipment the industry has to offer. We are excited about this technology. It gives us an advantage that helps us deliver significant value to our customers Thompson said. Columbus Equipment Company president Josh Stivison and sales representative Rich Durst approached Thompson about the iMC machinery before Komatsu formally introduced it. After seeing a presentation on the D61i at ConExpo Thompson and his Operations Manager Nate Worthington were interested enough to be the first company in the U.S. to try the dozer and ultimately buy it. Thompson admits he is not usually an early adopter of technology because he wants to be sure the tech- nology is proven before he invests. However he was confident in the iMC equipment because GPS is estab- lished technology and because he had the assurance that Komatsu and Columbus Equipment would stand behind the entire system no matter what. That said the Komatsu iMC dozers and excavator have both exceeded expectations according to Nate Worthington who flatly declared We will never buy another trackhoe that is not an intelligent machine. An intelligent machine can be used for so many differ- ent things. We are planning on purchasing only iMC machines in the future. Second right from left to right Rich Durst Columbus Equipment Company sales rep. Nate Worthington operations manager Scott Thompson owner and Wes Worthington site supervisor. Scott Thompson takes pride in empowering dedicated employees with the best equipment the industry has to offer. The advantages of the iMC system were obvious from the first project we used the iMC equipment on. Woody Mohler Survey Manager Thompson Excavating The fact a less-experienced operator can see his productivity almost double by virtue of this technology is an obvious benefit. introducing the first automated excavator Auto stop improves speed and cycle times Auto grade assist allows precision tracking Depth protection prevents over-digging Easy touch screen controls Jason anetsBerger Komatsu engineer PC210LCi-10 made With Passion and Pride 005Copyright 2015 Komatsu America Corp. All Rights Reserved How do you improve both excavating efficiency and precision Managing advanced sensor types and hydraulic control logic to make life easier the operator is automatically limited from digging below grade and assisted in quickly pulling a precise surface. Intelligent Machine Control is factory installed and engineer integrated. And thats why I AM KOMATSU. 9 New Komatsu PC360 and PC390 Dash 11 Hydraulic Excavators THE NEXT GENERATION OF OUTPERFORMANCE K Komatsus new dash-11 PC360 and PC390 hydraulic excavators feature a dependable efficient Tier 4 Final-certified Komatsu engine and a comfortable cab designed to increase operator productivity. Both excavators are equipped with Komatsus 257-hp engine that is the culmination of Komatsus 20 years of building engines to comply with ever-stricter EPA emissions guidelines. The Tier 4 Final engine offers high productivity with better fuel efficiency resulting in lower operating costs. Other refinements on the machines also help lower operating costs. For example Komatsu has added a new enhanced Power Mode for improved performance and reduced cycle times resulting in lower cost per ton. The machines also feature a new automatic idle- shutdown function to limit costly idling. The PC390LC-11 like the dash-10 it replaces features the same heavy-duty undercarriage components found on the larger PC450-class excavators allowing it to maintain high lift capacity and lateral stability. The larger undercarriage has a 6-percent wider track gauge than the PC360 and gives the PC390 up to 18 percent greater lift capacity over the side than the PC360 has. The high-resolution in-cab monitor puts operational information at the operators fingertips. Thanks to a new display interface that uses the view from the standard rearview camera operators can check vehicle informa- tion while viewing the working area directly behind the machine. Fluid levels Eco guidance and utilization information are also available via the monitor. The cab specially designed and dampered for hydraulic excavators provides operators with a comfortable quiet work environment that promotes productivity. For instance the armrests on the heated seat are now fully adjustable so operators can find the most comfortable work position. Like all Komatsu machines these dash-11s are designed for ease of service. Handrails on both sides of the upper structure make service access safe and easy. A large refill tank for Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF is located in a lockable compartment directly behind the right-side tool box and is sized to provide a 21 diesel-to-DEF refill ratio. All Tier 4 Final machines come with Komatsu CARE which provides scheduled factory mainte- nance for the first 2000 hours or three years. Contact your CEC sales rep for more information on new Dash-11 excavators that deliver the state-of- the-art performance and dependability you rely upon from Komatsu. The PC390LC-11 like the dash-10 it replaces features the same heavy-duty undercarriage components found on the larger PC450-class excavators PRODUCT NEWS TIER 4 FINAL 10 J Jeff Baker describes his entry into the crane business as accidental but in a way he was following the age- old path to business successfind a need and offer services to fill that need. I needed a crane for a project but I couldnt find anyone locally to provide one so I bought one Baker said. He purchased his first crane a 26-year-old Bucyrus- Erie truck crane in 1994. Soon other companies around Zanesville were asking him to provide crane services and his welding business became a welding and crane service company. In March 2015 Bakers Welding Crane Service took delivery of a Link-Belt ATC-3210 210-ton all-terrain crane the first of this new Link-Belt design to be delivered in Ohio. Baker purchased the ATC-3210 to replace a 1996 model Grove 5120 and There is no comparison between the two he said. The Link-Belt can be set up more easily and quickly than competitive models. The ATC-3210 also makes good time on the highway. The Link-Belt is far superior in convenience and ease of use both on and off the road he added. Baker is using the 210-ton crane for work including setting modular houses cell towers box culverts and bridge beams. Baker has 18 cranes ranging in size from a 3.5-ton carry deck up to the new 3210. The fleet includes a 1999 Link-Belt 8640 truck crane and a 2007 Link-Belt 8675 truck crane. I really like Link-Belt machines. They are dependable machines. We dont have issues with them he noted. Link-Belt and Columbus Equipment are a good fit Baker said. Dealer support is important for someone as small as we are and the service we get from Columbus Equipment is unbelievable. We have no mechanics so we depend on them and they have always been here for us. They are outstanding every day. They have always done a super job with parts service and sales. Baker has been a Columbus Equipment customer for about 15 years and he purchased several Grove cranes through the company when it sold that brand. He is slowly but happily transitioning his fleet to Link-Belt which he prefers over other brands. Lead Operator Jason Tom is also a believer and big fan of Link-Belts Pulse operating system which keeps him ahead of the curve in terms of optimal precise and most impor- tantly safe operation. I really like Link-Belt machines. They are dependable machines. We dont have issues with them. Jeff Baker Owner Bakers Welding Crane Service Bakers Welding Crane Service GROWING STRATEGICALLY AND LIFTING DIVISION Baker purchased his first crane a 26-year-old Bucyrus-Erie truck crane in 1994. 11 Jeff put a lot of consideration into the purchase said Bob Weber head of Columbus Equipments Lifting Division. The ATC-3210 can be permitted and moved easily in Ohio because of its weight and weight distribution and the ease of movement and teardown were important factors. The largest crane the company previously owned was a 120-ton so this was a big step in the growth of the company. We are glad to know he has had the 210-ton crane out on numerous jobs and it appears to be a very healthy fit for his business Weber added. Baker started his welding business in 1984. The com- pany now employs 13 people and Baker is quick to give them credit for the companys success. I have a bunch of great employees who work with me not for me he said. We had a rough three years during the recession like everyone in the country but now the outlook is good and we have a fair amount of work. Buying the new Link-Belt was an investment in the future. You have to keep growing to stay in the race he said and the 3210 will allow the company to do that. Bakers son Levi has worked alongside him for years and has always aspired to follow in his fathers footsteps. Baker knows the new Link-Belt will serve the family-owned business for a long time to come. Baker is quick to point out his obvious appreciation to the companys customer basesome of whom he has worked with for 30 yearsin making all this pos- sible. Being committed to those you serve and investing wisely are tried-and-tested business strategies just like finding a need and filling it. With a highly-productive Link-Belt crane and dependable support from Columbus Equipment Bakers investment in the ATC-3210 looks promising for years to come. D SAFELY Jeff Baker second left may have entered the crane business accidentally ten years after starting his business in 1984 but today Bakers Welding Crane equipment has become synonymous with lifting across eastern Ohio. Left The companys Link-Belt ATC-3210 preparing The Elkeyea 55000- lb. Ohio State Parks Department of Natural Resources dredgefor the 2015 season. Second right Erection of twin 48000-lb. asphalt plant towers at Mar-Zane Asphalt Plant 29 in Morristown and right a 250-foot boom length with jib lift of a 227-foot long conveyor belt in Mt. Vernon OH. Dealer support is important for someone as small as we are and the service we get from Columbus Equipment is unbelievable. They are outstanding every day. Jeff Baker Owner Bakers Welding Crane Service 12 I In the steep hills around Louisville the land clearing division of the Bob Ray Company services small-scale land-clearing projects to major right-of-way mainte- nance and widening projects that can stretch for tens of miles and take years to complete. Getting equipment that can handle the work and the terrain is always a major concern for project manager Jamie Draper but Columbus Equipment Companys Environmental Division is able to provide customized packages of forestry equipment that are up to the challenge. Every machine and every package exceeds expectations Draper said. The terrain in the Louisville area is always a sig- nificant challenge Draper explained. Theres a good deal of steep hilly terrain in this region. When operat- ing on steep hills losing traction or getting into an area you cant get out of is always a concern. Bob Rays fleet includes a Morbark 4600XL Tracked Wood Hog a Morbark 5048 Drum Chipper and a Komatsu XT445L-3 feller buncher. Bob Ray Company also rents equipment as needed. A recent project saw the company add a Morbark 4036 NCL Tracked Drum Chipper a Valmet 430 FXL feller buncher a Komatsu PC290LC-10 excavator equipped with a Rotobec fixed grapplesaw package and two CMI mulchers a C400L and a C450C. Before delivery Columbus Equipment makes any necessary modifications to the equipment for the steep slopes to ensure they main- tain oil pressure wont run out of fuel and will other- wise perform well said Ron Duperow Environmental Division sales representative. When Draper prices out these larger projects he sends a list of required equipment to several suppli- ers. Columbus Equipment is typically the only one that gives us a customized turnkey package for all the equipment needed. A lot of other places are only able to provide one piece. Draper understands the hills slow production but has been impressed at how well the equipment works in tough conditions. The CMI 400 and 450 handle the slopes extremely well. They stay on the kind of produc- Columbus Equipment is typically the only one that gives us a customized turnkey package for all the equipment needed. Jamie Draper Project Manager Bob Ray Company Bob Ray Company PIONEERING ON THE LAND-CLEA ENVIRONMENTAL DIVISION Every machine and every package exceeds expectations. Jamie Draper Project Manager Bob Ray Company 13 tion we anticipate and in some areas even exceed it he said. Looking at how well the CMI mulchers have performed on the most difficult areas I am certain these machines will greatly exceed expectations for produc- tion on flatter terrain or rolling hills. The Komatsu PC290 constantly amazes our opera- tors with its stability on the slopes Draper said. The Rotobec grapplesaw is perfectly matched with the excavator is well-balanced and does a tremendous job in supporting the track chipper. The Morbark chipper is like a mountain goat it just keeps climbing. On steep slopes we slow the Morbarks feed system to prevent clogging the chute when it has to blow the chips up the hill. When we dont have to fight gravity the production on that machine goes up as well Draper said. Even in difficult terrain the Bob Ray crews clear six to ten acres a week. The Valmet feller buncher has a terrain-leveling undercarriage and it too exceeds expectations. It has a 22-inch hot saw and some of our operators are amazed at what it can do to safely cut trees and get them to the ground he said. As part of the rental package Columbus Equipment also sends field technician Aaron Dunham out to ser- vice the equipment regularly. Aaron really knows the equipment we have out here. When he sees a problem he knows how to diagnose it and get it up and run- ning as quickly as we can hope for. I have been extremely pleased by his work ethic and his knowledge Draper said. Louisville-based Bob Ray Company began as a tree service company and has expanded to include a com- pany that recycles tree products into mulch and topsoil as well as the land-clearing division. Land clearing proj- ects range from small residential lots to major pipeline and utility work. Outfitted with specialized state-of-the-art equipment the Bob Ray Company is able to safely and efficiently maintain and improve infrastructure sometimes com- pleted half a century ago. EARING FRONTIER The Komatsu PC290 con- stantly amazes our operators with its stability on the slopes and does a tremendous job in supporting the track chipper. Jamie Draper Project Manager Bob Ray Company The Komatsu XT445L-3 feller buncher with Quadco 360 rotating intermittent saw is a versatile precise and safe land-clearing package. Bob Ray Company Operator Jeremy Mills has seen great production with the Komatsu XT445L-3 as well as Columbus Equipment Companys Komatsu PC290LC with Rotobec rotating grapple combination and CMI mulchers. K Komatsu and Cadiz Branch Combine to REFINE AND IMPLEMENT LARGE D 14 Komatsu is now offering a factory-supported rebuild program for its large mining dozers and Columbus Equipments Cadiz branch played a key role in fine-tuning the program. Over the winter Cadiz service technicians Rick Cramblett and Steve Pearch overhauled a D475 as a test-run of the program making sure they could accomplish the rebuild in a certain amount of time and evaluating the parts kits Komatsu had developed for the program. Komatsu project managers were on site every day to follow the progress and respond to changes sug- gested by the technicians. Under the factory-supported rebuild program the dozer is torn down to the frame and rebuilt on a new frame. Its nearly as good as a new machine. An old dozer came in and a new dozer came out said Dan Minnis manager of the Cadiz branch. The rebuilt dozer even carries a new machine war- ranty said Paul W. Moore vice president parts sales and marketing for Komatsu. When the machine gets to high operating hours the customer can bring the machine to a Komatsu distributor like Columbus Equipment Company. The wear items are replaced with brand new ones and many parts are rebuilt all to Komatsu specifications. Its like getting a new machine at a fraction of the cost he said. Komatsu asked the Cadiz branch to be its test-run partner because of the high level of experience and knowledge the branch has in servicing mining dozers Moore said. The Cadiz branch had already successfully performed four mining dozer rebuilds and Cramblett and Pearch had both previously worked on a D475 Its like getting a new machine at a fraction of the cost. Paul W. Moore VP Parts Sales Marketing Komatsu PRODUCT SUPPORT Service Technician Rick Cramblett left has been with Columbus Equipment Company since 1979. Kenneth Skinner center mans the parts and shipping department while Service Technician Steve Pearch right has over 34 years of service invested with Columbus Equipment Company. The Komatsu D475 rebuild was Rick and Steves second such rebuild. o DOZER REBUILD PROGRAM 1715 rebuild. Cramblett has been with Columbus Equipment since 1979 and Pearch since 1981 so together they brought 70 years of experience to the project. Columbus Equipment did a great job. This showcases their capabilities in servicing these bulldozers Moore said. Mining dozers are a different kind of machine to look after and those guys certainly have the skills. The teardown and rebuild can be accomplished in about 800 hours Minnis said. In the process the sheet metal is taken off and the customer decides whether to replace it or repaint it. Technicians remove the compo- nents and replace them with a Komatsu-remanufactured engine power module and final drives which go on a new frame with a new cab and new side frames. The customer can also choose to have a new undercarriage quoted and installed. In all Komatsu created 23 different parts kits for the process. The Cadiz technicians were able to provide advice on how to tweak those parts kits noting any parts that might have been overlooked. Kenneth Skinner from the Cadiz parts department was also involved in that aspect of the project. The Cadiz team has expertise in the actual work- shop side of the overhaul and that was where their experience was critically important Moore said. They were able to make suggestions about our kits and strategy so that all our dealers will benefit from their improvements. They gave us guidance on how to make a factory-supported rebuild quicker and easier for the next distributor. It was very much a partnership approach. With the factory-supported rebuild program in place throughout North America customers with mining dozers now have a cost-effective option to keep their machines running for another 35000 or 40000 hours Moore noted. The Komatsu-supported rebuild program available through Columbus Equipment Company is similar to certified rebuild programs offered by other manufacturers and provides customers another reason to purchase Komatsu mining dozers Minnis said. Cramblett has been with Columbus Equipment since 1979 and Pearch since 1981 so together they brought 70 years of experience to the project. The Cadiz team has expertise in the actual workshop side of the overhaul and that was where their experience was critically important. Paul W. Moore VP Parts Sales Marketing Komatsu 16 2015 iMC Showcase Event Series iNTELLIGENT MACHINE CONTROL COME SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT B Because seeing is believing when it comes to intelligent Machine Control iMC technology Columbus Equipment Company and Komatsu are sponsoring a series of iMC Showcase Events in Columbus this summer. During this four-hour event customers will get to meet iMC technology up close and personal learning the principles behind the technology in a classroom setting then getting hands-on experience in the equipment. Once you see how this proprietary technology can be applied to your specific applications youll never see earthmoving the same way again. Komatsus iMC is fully integrated allowing the equip- ment to exhibit real machine control including knowing where and how deep to dig. Unlike aftermarket systems the intelligent machines are able to correct themselves including adjusting blade loading blade angle power and hydraulics. It is revolutionary technology for contractors involved in major grading or site development work. At the showcase events Columbus Equipment Technology Solutions Experts Mike Fenster and Nate Koerper will be on hand along with representatives of Komatsus iMC team. They will answer questions about the technology and provide presentations on KOMTRAX and the evolution of automation and machine control technology. They will go over the intelligence platforms used in the D39i D51i and D61i dozers and in the PC210LCi excavator. During the hands-on portion jobsite scenarios are simulated to demonstrate iMC capabilities. Company owners operators and surveyors are all invited to the event which will take place on the third Monday of June July August and September. Presentations will be the same each time so choose the date that is convenient for you. At similar events in the past weve found some people start the day curious if such pioneering technology can really live up to the hype Machine Control Division Manager Fenster said. However after they experience the demonstration the light goes on. The 2015 iMC showcase events will be held June 15 July 20 August 17 and September 21 at Columbus Equipments corporate office 2323 Performance Way Columbus. Please contact Mike Fenster at 614 802-7099 to reserve a slot. COMPANY EVENT 1717 18 iMC Is on the Move MILESTONE ANNIVERSARIES ABOUND CANTON BRANCH ALSO ON THE MOVE M Many thanks to those of you who attended the Topcon Technology Roadshow on May 20-21 when the 53-foot Topcon mobile solutions center was in Mason Ohio. Columbus Equipment demonstrated Komatsus intelligent Machine Control technology. Other aftermarket systems were also on display. The Roadshow is an information-packed half-day of live demos classroom presentations and hands-on expe- rience to demonstrate how these jobsite solutions increase productivity and help you stay ahead of the curve. Columbus Equipments technology solutions experts were on hand to answer questions as attendees took part in hands-on application demonstrations. Corporate Trade Shows and Milestone Anniversaries Lots of Them Its been a busy winterspring show season. Wed like to thank all our customers who took the time to visit our booths at the Kentucky Forest Industry Association meeting the Indiana Hardwood Lumbermans Association Exposition Flexible Pavements of Ohios 2015 Ohio Asphalt Expo the Ohio Forestry Associations annual meeting the 2015 Power Show Ohio and the 2015 Ohio LICA Annual Convention. 2015 Milestone Anniversaries One reason Columbus Equipment Company is Ohios dependable dealer is the depth of experience our employees have. In 2015 six employees celebrate major anniversaries. Neil Ehrhardt customer service rep in the Toledo branch celebrated 30 years with the company in May. Brenda McCaleb customer service rep at Starr Parts in New Plymouth Rick Ransburgh customer support rep in Columbus and Tom Brasser sales administration manager in the corporate office all mark their 25th anniversary with the company. Tim Albright vice president of sales marketing and Jason Deeds parts manager also both reach the 20-year milestone this year. Corey Van Houten Joins the Team Cory Van Houten has joined the corporate office as sales coordinator. He is a graduate of Bowling Green State University. In his spare time he enjoys sailing Ohio State football games and spending time with his four younger brothers. Canton Branch Is Also on the Move The Canton Branch will move to a newly reno- vated permanent location in Massillon later this year. The facility is just 10 minutes west of the old location and offers plenty of room for our parts and service departments to serve our growing customer base. The new facilitys address is 2200 Venture Circle SE Massillon Ohio 44646. BRANCH NEWS 19 USED EQUIPMENT Monthly Specials Looking To Buy Or Sell Any Brand Of Machine Call Jon St. Julian at 614 332-3258 or Skip Young at 614 395-1354. For a Complete List Of Used Equipment Please Visit YEAR MAKE MODEL STOCK DESCRIPTION HOURS PRICE DOZERS 2010 Komatsu D51EX-22 U26838 Enclosed Cab AC Heat Defrost 6 Way Blade 2524 122500 2012 Komatsu D31EX-22 U29112 Cab AC Heat 2846 59750 2012 Komatsu D31EX-22 U29111 Cab AC Heat 3156 59750 2007 Komatsu D61EX-15 U28207 Cab AC Heat 1496 145500 2010 Komatsu D51EX--22 U26838 Cab AC Heat 2813 122500 CRANES 2008 Link Belt RTC-8030II U26490 2700 260000 2013 Link Belt 138-HSL 25848 720 CALL Plus Many Other Link Belt Cranes to Choose From EXCAVATORS 2005 Kubota KX161-3 SS 25589T Cab AC Heat Rubber Tracks Aux Hydraulics Angle Blade WR Coupler One Bucket 4440 33000 2009 Komatsu PC55MR-3 U27306 Cab AC Heat Blade Manual Coupler Manual Thumb Blade 3 Bkts 12-24-36 2122 49500 2005 Komatsu PC78MR-6 K7930T Cab AC Heat 18 Roadliners 7.5 Stk Aux Hyds Blade No Bkt 4714 37500 2009 Komatsu PC78MR-6 U26489 Cab AC Heat 18 Roadliners Aux Hyds Manual Thumb Manual Coupler 36 Bucket 2063 73500 2006 Komatsu PC200LC-8 U24896 Cab AC Heat 9.7 Arm 31.5 TGP 42 Bucket 5585 109500 2011 Komatsu PC200LC-8 U27073 Cab AC Heat 31.5 TGP Hyd Cplr Thumb Spec 48 Bkt 1720 159000 2005 Komatsu PC220LF-7 RU20564 Cab AC Heat 31.5 TGP 55 Peirce Pacific Long Stick 3636 120000 2012 Komatsu PC290LF-10 RU25089 Cab AC Heat 32 TGP Young 60 Long Front Additional Ctwgt Kit 60 WB Bucket 542 285000 2004 Komatsu PC308USLC-3 U26860 Cab AC Heat Aux Hydraulics New JRB Hyd Coupler 48 Bkt Auto Lube Serviced-Painted 4568 175500 2000 Komatsu PC400LC-6 RK7407T1 Cab AC Heat 11 Stick JRB Coupler Aux Hyds Thumb Mount 66 Bucket REDUCED 16200 52000 2006 Komatsu PC400LC-7 K7648T Cab AC Heat 11 Stick Ctwgt Removal 35.5 TGP 6151 165000 WHEEL LOADERS 2012 Komatsu WA380-7 RU25018 Cab AC Heat 3 Spool Hyds wLines JRB Cplr Ride Cont GP Bkt 1559 195000 ROLLERS 2005 Ingersoll Rand SD77-FB R16578 66 Padfoot w Blade 932 48000 UP TO 6-MONTH POWER TRAIN WARRANTY STANDARD ON ALL REMARKETING CERTIFIED MACHINES 2013 Komatsu D61PX-23 Stock U29154 Cab Heat AC Winch Sweeps Screens 265000 2013 Komatsu PC160LC-8 Stock U29555 Cab Heat AC Hyd Coupler Bucket 851 Hours 137500 2009 Link Belt RTC8050II Stock U28946 3618 Hours 325000 2015 Mediaworks Marketing Inc. Presort Std US Postage PAID Mediaworks Marketing Inc. 43214 Ohios Dependable Dealer Statewide Coverage From The Following Locations A Subsidiary of Astec Industries Inc. 2323 Performance Way Columbus OH 43207 Ohios Dependable Dealer TOLEDO RICHFIELD CANTON CADIZ PIKETON DAYTON CINCINNATI COLUMBUS ZANESVILLE PAINESVILLE COLUMBUS 614 443-6541 TOLEDO 419 872-7101 CINCINNATI 513 771-3922 RICHFIELD 330 659-6681 CADIZ 740 942-8871 DAYTON 937 879-3154 CANTON 330 453-4521 ZANESVILLE 740 455-4036 PAINESVILLE 440 352-0452 PIKETON 740 289-3757