Lykins started with Shook Construction 33 years ago as a mechanic, and he has been equipment superintendent for the past 23 years. His employer was doing business with Columbus Equipment Company long before he arrived, he said. “We have a lot of dealers close by, but Columbus Equipment isn’t your average equipment distributor. It’s very easy dealing with Mike Early and the guys at Columbus Equipment. Any branch we deal with, they do what they need to do to help us and get us out of a bind. If I need a piece of equipment quickly, they don’t have a problem finding it, even if they have to go to a different branch.” While Lykins has a crew of mechanics in Dayton, when his equipment needs work around the state, he knows he can call on Columbus Equipment Company. “We frequently use them in Cleveland, where we have several jobs. That’s a three-hour drive for us, and Columbus Equipment can get there quickly. Most of the equipment we own is Komatsu or Link-Belt, so whether we need service on either one, they can do it.” As it celebrates its 90th anniversary, Shook Construction has about 300 employees and $200 million in annual revenue. Shook Construction frequently appears on trade group lists of the best construction projects. One area of specialty is school facilities—Shook has built almost $1 billion in education facilities since the middle of the last decade. Another Shook project—GE Aviation EPISCENTER at the University of Dayton—won the 2014 Best Project of the Year Award presented by the Engineering News-Record and was named a 2014 Build Ohio Finalist by the Associated General Contractors of Ohio. In 2015, two of Shook’s water projects were also named finalists by AGCO. The Shook mission starts with “community.” By building schools, hospitals and water treatment plants, “we are fortunate enough to be a part of really creating the fabric of the community,” said Shook Construction President Bill Whistler. R DEDICATED TO COMMUNITY 21 Shook’s Link-Belt RTC-8065 Operator Joe Carlone relocates a 4,500 lb. scissor lift at the Easterly Waste Water Treatment Plant in Cleveland, Ohio. The 8065 is rarely idle and has seen over 6,000 hours of action in less than four years at the facility. Easterly serves over 334,000 residents and businesses, treating more than 94 million gallons of wastewater per day. “The 138 has never been to our yard in Dayton. It just goes from job to job. It has been a great machine and its ease of transport is a huge benefit.” Randy Lykins, Equipment Superintendent Shook Construction Company