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Lawson P.E. superintendent. Crews used the 348 to drive 90-foot HP 18 x 402 piles for the pier foundation with a large impact hammer. Link-Belt 248 HSL crawler cranes are being used on substructure form work and reinforcing steel installation before concrete is poured. The 80-ton 138 HSL is used to drive pile on some of the smaller bridges and to assist ironworkers. The 80-tonners are very versatile. We can use them for just about anything Lawson said. They are easy to move aroundit takes less than a day to take down and set up again. The mobility on the 150-ton is really nice too they are easy to walk around the job site. Link-Belts provide good uptime Ciammaichella noted with little need for repairs. If we do have something our mechanics cant deal with Columbus Equipment is a very reliable partner. The technicians Columbus Equipment sends out are good and the repairs are well done so we dont have callbacks to repair the same thing. Komatsu PC228 excavators are a common sight on Ruhlin bridge projects. Because of the size and power of those machines we like to use them when moving bridge deck slab. We also use them around bridges when we are performing excavation or renovation because of their tight footprint and swing radius Ciammaichella said. On the I-90 project PC228s were outfitted with a hydraulic hammer for demolition used for excavation and for loading out dirt. You cant beat the Komatsu PC228s performance Lawson said. The Komatsus cycle fast and have plenty of power. When we slab out a deck that is being rehabbed and hauled off we use the Komatsu PC228 to pick up the concrete slabs and put them in a truck. We have had no issues with downtime on these machines. They have a high utilization rate and are reliable. They have done very well for us Ciammaichella added. The relationship between Ruhlin and Columbus Equipment Company began so many years ago that current Ruhlin executives say it outdates their tenures at the company. CEO Ruhlin whose father was in charge of equipment says the company has purchased machinery from Columbus Equipment for more than 40 years dating back to Grove cranes and YaleTrojan loaders acquired in the early 1970s. In the last 100 years a lot of things have changed in the construction industrythe size and scale of projects technol- ogy equipment materials and costs to name just a few. Its a rare company that successfully navigates the many variables and finds a way to thrive grow and make a lasting mark on the wider community. The Ruhlin Company has done just that. Columbus Equipment Company is proud to serve as a trusted partner in that process congratulates The Ruhlin Company on its 100-year milestone in business and wishes it much continued success. Pictured on the US Route 23 joint venture trench project under the Campus View Boulevard intersection in North Columbus Ruhlin Assistant Superintendent Dominic Scafaria left operator Jeff Seale and Laborer Foreman Bobby Begue right employ a Komatsu PC228USLC to place 1800-lb. support rakers and manipulate a 2000-lb. hose in pouring the trenchs concrete faade. 7 The cranes capability in maneuvering and placing material is superior. Mike Ciammaichella P.E. VP Civil Division Manager The Ruhlin Company Did You Know In 1991 a Ruhlin Company coffee mug made a cameo appearanceas a propin the movie The Silence of the Lambs which was filmed in Pittsburgh in the late 80s and early 90s. The company had just completed the North Shore Expressway and the mug is believed to have belonged to an extra who was a former Ruhlin employee.