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J Tri-State Landscape Supply LLC GRINDS OUT IMPRESSIVE RESULT ENVIRONMENTAL DIVISION 16 Jason Brunk and his father Dennis started Tri-State Landscape Supply LLC in 2005 as an adjunct business for their excavating company. Tri-State took topsoil from excavation sites processed it and sold it to landscapers and retailers. Five years later after Tri-State acquired a mulching operation sales really took offtripling in just a few years. Today Tri-State sells around 100000 cubic yards of mulch and 50000 cubic yards of soil annually within about 40 miles of Middletown reaching into Kentucky and Indiana. The company also sells aggregates soil amendments and decorative stones. Marketing enhanced delivery and the quality of the product all contributed to the threefold increase in sales said Brunk managing member of Tri-State Landscape. One of the things our customers really like is the consistency of our grind he added. Tri-State uses two Morbark grinders to ensure that consistent grind. As part of the mulch company acquisition Brunk got a Morbark 1300 Tub Grinder. Although it was manufactured in 1997 and has nearly 12000 hours on it the 1300 continues to operate like a champ. Most days its in the yard where it is used to make double-processed mulch. Debris is broken down and sent through a 6-inch land-clearing screen then reground with a 2-inch screen. Tri-State also takes the tub grinder out to jobsites where it is used to grind stumps so crews dont have to break them down. It works great and thats why we still have it Brunk said. Sure we have some upkeep on a machine thats almost 20 years old but its normal wear-and-tear stuff. For most land-clearing projects Tri-State uses a Morbark 3800XL Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder which can handle whole trees and longer debris. The Morbark replaced a Vermeer 6000 that was never up to the job Brunk got a Morbark 1300 Tub Grinder manufactured in 1997 and has nearly 12000 hours on it the 1300 contin- ues to operate like a champ. Tri-State Landscape Supply LLC moves around 100000 cubic yards of mulch a year with the majority being sold between February and the end of June. The companys Morbark 3800XL Track Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder is key in meeting the 1800 cu. spring rush.