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include Brookstone Homes Graybach Construction Empire Building Co. and GLR Inc. Alan Dedden president started MDX out of his kitchen in 1994. He went from zero sales to where he is today with over 20 pieces of equipment said Eric his son who worked for MDX part time through high school and college. MDX has been a Columbus Equipment Company customer since the late 1990s when the Deddens needed a reliable source for parts for a used Komatsu excavator purchased from another dealer. In the last few years they have purchased several Komatsu excavators a Komatsu WA200 wheel loader and a Takeuchi skid steer as well as the iMC dozer. Dedden credits the strength of the relationship to sales- man Roger Reese. Roger is passionate about the equip- ment he sells. He is very knowledgeable about competi- tors machines and he can compare them to Komatsu and show you why Komatsu is a better buy. He doesnt want to sell you something he wouldnt buy himself. MDX has been happy with Columbus Equipment Companys service too. If we have issues with Columbus Equipment and Komatsu equipment they make it right and they do it in a timely fashion and that is what you want out of a dealer. WINNING THE EARTHMOVING WAR MDXs site development projects are well-populated with Komatsu equipment. Main shot A Komatsu PC228USLC is an earthmoving workhorse. Inset Fine grading is the most time-consuming and demanding part of any job and is where the D51i generates the largest impact on the bottom line. 15 When I get close within 6 inches of grade I turn on the automatic controls and I dont even have to run the blade it knows what it has to do. Eric Dedden Vice President MDX Inc. MDX VP Eric Dedden right and Foreman Mike Dedden with Senior Superintendent Mark Frick background in a Komatsu WA200.