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E Eric Dedden vice president of MDX Inc. likes to refer to his company as excavation commandoes because we do with two or three people what other people get done with five. Buying a Komatsu D51i intelligent Machine Control iMC dozer has helped MDX keep up that repu- tation because theres no need for someone to check grade but Dedden has realized other benefits too. MDX uses the intelligent dozer exclusively for fine grading because Dedden believes thats where the machine can be used to its best advantage. Fine grading is always the most time-consuming and demanding part of the job. Thats where we found we were losing the most money. We use another dozer to do the bulk work then when it gets close I use the D51i for finishing it up. When fine grading the iMC dozer makes a good operator an ace operator said Dedden who has been an operator since he was a teenager. The iMC machine lets us know where we are without having to get out and check level. It provides a huge advantage of knowledgeyou know where you are and where you have to go up down or fill. You get a far superior map of the job. The D51i allows you to know every spot on the job. When I get close within 6 inches of grade I turn on the automatic controls and I dont even have to run the blade it knows what it has to do. Recently MDX graded a parking lot that required moving 1000 yards of dirt. We finished the project in two days or 60 faster. Without an intelligent dozer it would have taken at least five days to cut haul out and fine grade. As a result we saved three days of fuel and three days of maintenance and wear and tear on the machine. I was also able to go to the next job three days sooner. If you are in this industry and not getting a dozer with iMC you are missing out. MDX had not used machine control before purchasing the D51i in November 2014. I did a lot of research and the D51i seemed most versatile for us in terms of size. Its easy to move around Dedden noted. If I buy another one the D39 would be a good size for the work we do. Milford-based MDX does medium-sized site development projects such as small subdivisions strip malls Chick- fil-A and CVS pads and school parking lots. Customers MDX Inc. iMC-EQUIPPED COMMANDOES W CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT When fine grading the iMC dozer makes a good operator an ace operator. Eric Dedden Vice President MDX Inc. MDX Foreman Mike Dedden uses the companys Komatsu D51i crawler dozer to put the finishing touches to a 16-lot Brookstone Homes developmentParkland Meadowsin Loveland Ohio. 14