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Fall 2015 A Ruhlin Company crew pictured in North Columbus on ODOT District 6s 75-million US Route 23 trench express lane projectdesigned to ease congestion of the intersections 150000-vehicle daily load. The Ruhlin Company CELEBRATES 100 YEARS OF SERVING EMPLOYEES AND COMMUNITY 2 A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT The Products and The People To Serve You Josh Stivison C A D I Z 290 Old Steubenville Pike Cadiz OH 43907 740 942-8871 D A Y T O N 7570 New Carlisle Pike Dayton OH 45424 937 879-3154 C A N T O N 1900 Cleveland Ave. SW. Canton OH 44707 330 453-4521 Dear Valued Customer It takes a lot to keep a company in business and growing for a century. Keeping up with technology and expanding areas of expertise are just part of the equation for success at The Ruhlin Company which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. One of the companys spe- cialties is setting structural steel and the company says the precision provided by the Link-Belt 348 lattice crawler helps its operators do the best possible job in that specialty. I hope you will enjoy reading about Ruhlins first 100 years in this issue. Another piece of equipment that makes a great operator even better is the Komatsu intelligent Machine Control iMC dozer according to Eric Dedden dozer operator and vice president at MDX Inc. He shares some thoughts on the benefits of using an intelligent dozer for fine grading. When it comes to customers doing one-of-a-kind projects D-Crane Rental LLC might have an edge in the category. D-Crane is helping to build the 500-foot-long replica of Noahs Ark in Williamstown Kentucky. Unlike Noah D-Crane has the advantage of a new 100-ton Link-Belt HTC-86100 to help move timbers into place. Check out the pictures in this issue. Whether its building a critical interstate artery or an ark we are here to assist you in any way we can. Please dont hesitate to call. Sincerely Josh Stivison President Z A N E S V I L L E 818 Lee Street Zanesville OH 43701 740 455-4036 P A I N E S V I L L E 864 Richmond Road Painesville OH 44077 440 352-0452 P I K E T O N 3668 U.S. Route 23 South Piketon OH 45661 740 289-3757 C O L U M B U S 50 E. Kingston Avenue Columbus OH 43207 614 443-6541 T O L E D O 12500 Williams Road Perrysburg OH 43551 419 872-7101 C I N C I N N A T I 712 Shepherd Avenue Cincinnati OH 45215 513 771-3922 R I C H F I E L D 3942 Brecksville Road Richfield OH 44286 330 659-6681 IN THIS ISSUE CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT THE RUHLIN COMPANY Celebrates 100 Years of Serving Employees and Community . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 PRODUCT NEWS NEW KOMATSU PC490290LC-11 HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORS Predictable Power Precision and Production . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 LIFTING DIVISION D-CRANE RENTAL LLC Expands Ark of Influence with New Link-Belt HTC-86100 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT MDX INC. iMC-Equipped Commandoes Winning the Earthmoving War. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 ENVIRONMENTAL DIVISION TRI-STATE LANDSCAPE SUPPLY LLC Grinds Out Impressive Results with Morbark Equipment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 PRODUCT SUPPORT IRONLIFE PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM Perform Optimally with IronLife Preventive Maintenance Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 BRANCH NEWS BE OUR GUEST AT THIS YEARS PAUL BUNYAN SHOW Theres a Lot to See and Experience. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 USED EQUIPMENT SPECIALS Late-Model Used Equipment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 COLUMBUS EQUIPMENT COMPANY PERSONNEL COLUMBUS CORPORATE OFFICE RICHARD EARLY Chairman JOSH STIVISON President MIKE SARREY CFO ERNIE POTTER Vice President Rental TIM ALBRIGHT Vice President of Sales Marketing BOB WEBER Vice President of Product Support MARK KLATT General Parts Manager JASON CRAIN General Sales Manager RAY FRASE General Service Manager JEFF RICHARDS General Manager JEFF REICHERT Finance Manager DEIDRA CARR Human Resources JON ST. JULIAN Used Equipment Manager RICHARD YOUNG Used Equipment Sales TIM SMITH Environmental Division Sales Manager RON DUPEROW Environmental Sales BOB STEWART Environmental Sales JESSE GARBER Environmental Sales KYLE HOOD Product Support - Major Accounts MIKE MONTGOMERY Training Technical Mngr. CINDY HYLAND Credit Manager KEN CARR Controller TOM BRASSER Sales Administration Manager COLUMBUS BRANCH JEFF MCVEY Branch Manager GENE WYER Service Manager JASON DEEDS Parts Manager STEVE SCOTT Machine Sales JEFF BRACKETT Machine Sales RICHARD DURST Machine Sales JEREMY WILLIAMS Machine Sales ROBERT REYNOLDS Compact Machine Sales ZACH OCONNOR Inside Sales JOHN EDWARDS Product Support TOLEDO BRANCH DAVID SARREY Branch Manager JAKE MCGRANAHAN Service Manager SPENCER WALL Rental Coordinator Prep-shop Foreman LUKE MATHESON Machine Sales TED MARSH Product Support - Major Accounts NEIL EHRHARDT Parts Manager CINCINNATI BRANCH JEFF MCVEY Branch Manager JEFF LOUDEN Service Manager AL SHEPHERD Parts Manager FRED WAHL Machine Sales ROGER REESE Machine Sales AARON HENSLER Compact Machine Sales RANDY CALHOUN Product Support - Major Accounts ART DAVIDSON Product Support RICHFIELD BRANCH JEFF BADNER Branch Manager PAM BADNER Service Manager JEFF THORNBURG Parts Manager DOUG DVORAK Machine Sales MIKE SWAN Machine Sales TODD HORNAK Machine Sales TIM KRESOWATY Machine Sales MIKE CRONLOTAC Product Support ROB RIVERA Product Support CADIZ BRANCH DAN MINNIS Branch Manager DON FOGLE Service Manager RICK FERRI Parts Manager JOE MOORE Machine Sales CHRIS TAYLOR Product Support ALAN COPE Lead Parts Counter DAYTON BRANCH PATTY DAVIDSON Parts Manager MIKE EARLY Machine Sales TIM EARLY Machine Sales ART DAVIDSON Product Support CANTON BRANCH DAN MINNIS Branch Manager JOE DRAGAN Service Manager PAUL STEVENS Machine Sales JOEL CRAMBLETT Product Support - Major Accounts CHRIS TAYLOR Product Support JIM HENRY Lead Parts Counter ZANESVILLE BRANCH DAN MINNIS Branch Manager FRED TRUBISKY Lead Parts Counter Person PAINESVILLE BRANCH JIM HYDE Customer Service Representative TODD HORNAK Machine Sales ROB RIVERA Product Support PIKETON BRANCH CHESTER GOWEN Branch ManagerSales RON BIXLER Product Support DAVE WALSER Product Support 3 The year is 1915 and Ruhlin Brothers Construction Company wins its first project. Founded by John G. Ruhlin a bricklayerwith brothers Charles and Edwardthe companywins the bid to build Creston School just south of Medina OH at a value of 29000. I In 1915 John G. Ruhlin and his brothersall bricklayers won their first construction bid to build Creston School in Wayne County for 29000. While that World War I-era price appears impressive today whats more impressive is the fact Ruhlins company survived and prospered to become The Ruhlin Company a 200-million construction company celebrating its centennial in 2015. In the 1920s-1940s the companys aspirationsoutside of surviving The Great Depressionremained modest for its first few decades with the contractor building a variety of school projects in the Akron area. However the company expanded its horizons in the 1950s when it formed a heavy civil division. By 1958 Ruhlin had its first highway job subcontracting to build a bridge on State Route 5 near Easton Ohio. In subsequent years Ruhlin added milestonesin both the nature of projects served and geography covered with regularity. In the last half century the company has Worked on hydroelectric projects such as the W.T. Love Hydroelectric Station in Kentucky and the Willow Island Hydroelectric Powerhouse in West Virginia. Built major structures for municipalities universi- ties and hospitalsincluding the Vern Riffe Center in Columbus the John S. Knight Convention Center in Akron and Akron Generals Green Health and Wellness Center. Constructed industrial facilities for clients such as Anheuser-Busch. Worked on major highway projects including the Inner Belt in Akron I-76 I-71 and I-90. In 1977 Ruhlin was one of the first companies in the U.S. to become an Employee Stock Ownership Plan ESOP company. The ESOP was intended to reward employees for their dedication to the companys success. Today employees own about 80 percent of the company Operating in Clevelands industrial flats in the Cuyahoga River valleywith the first phase of the George V. Voinovich Bridge project as a backdrop and downtowns Terminal Tower on left of left image Key Tower and 200 Public Square on right of left image looking ona Ruhlin Link-Belt 348 with Bill Szekely at the controls lifts a 32000-lb. rebar cage into the cap of Pier 7 of the projects eastbound span. CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT The Ruhlin Company CELEBRATES 100 YEARS OF SERVING EMPLOYEES AND COMMUNITY In 1977 Ruhlin was one of the first companies in the U.S. to become an Employee Stock Ownership Plan ESOP company. 5 6 Progressive Field is enveloped with Komatsu and Link-Belt equipment as a Ruhlin Komatsu PC228USLC excavator works off of Ontario St. to remove the former Broadway Ave. I-90 ramp embankment. A Link-Belt LS-138H II right drives final piles into a support structure that will ulti- mately carry I-90and its daily 140000-vehicle loadover Ontario. which is headquartered in Sharon Township. Ruhlin has about 100 full-time employees and 275 trade workers. The current CEO Jim Ruhlin is a grandson of the founder. As the full-service construction firm heads into a second century it gets the majority of its business from heavy civil work including highways dams bridges and hydroelectric plants and from commercial and institutional buildings. However the company expanded its areas of specialty in the 21st century adding a division that erects and repairs structural steel as well as another that focuses on industrial work. Ruhlin has been so successful in completing projects that 90 percent of business comes from repeat customers. Clients praise Ruhlin personnel for their professionalism integrity and dedication. Today Ruhlin is involved in major road projects including the trench express lane on U.S. 23 in Columbus and the I-90 bridge project over the Cuyahoga River Valley near Cleveland. On these projects Ruhlin is using Link-Belt cranes and Komatsu excavators from Columbus Equipment Company. In Columbus Ruhlin is part of an ODOT joint venture with another 100-year-old construction company George J. Igel Co. construct a 25-foot deep 4000-foot-long 40-foot wide trench that will carry two northbound express lanes under two intersections alleviat- ing congestion near the intersection of U.S. 23 and I-270. The Cleveland project to replace a viaduct over the Cuyahoga River includes construction of two bridges each around 4000 feet long and tying them in with I-90. The ODOT project involves a joint venture with Ruhlin Great Lakes Construction Company and Trumbull Corporation noted Mike Ciammaichella P.E. VP and Civil Division Manager for Ruhlin. It is a true joint venture where we are mixing resources and personnel. Each company has different talents and one of ours is setting structural steel. However we have resources involved with excavation the smaller bridge construction as well as the main viaduct bridge. Its like a company was created by the three joint venture partners being managed by a team of individuals from all three companies not one company taking the overall lead. Ruhlins strong suit of setting structural steel is enhanced by the Link-Belt 348 HSL lattice boom crawler crane used on the project Ciammaichella said. A feature of that crane that our operators love is that they can put it in the fine-inching mode which allows them to make slow movements with the load. The crane is capable of slowly moving very small distances allowing the operator to set a piece of steel to tight specifications with exact precision. The cranes capability in maneuvering and placing material is superior. Even our operators say it makes them look great because the cranes capabilities enhance their capabilities. We genuinely believe the Link-Belt 348 is superior to other cranes for setting large pieces to a high tolerance. The company purchased the 300-ton Link-Belt three years ago initially for use on a hydroelectric project. Ruhlin owns a total of seven Link-Belt crawler and rough terrain cranes. Three sizes of Link-Belt lattice crawlers are cur- rently being used on the I-90 project according to Jeff At a cost of 566 million the George V. Voinovich Bridge complex is the largest in ODOT history. The initial westbound phase earned national attention as one of the nations top 10 bridges. Lawson P.E. superintendent. Crews used the 348 to drive 90-foot HP 18 x 402 piles for the pier foundation with a large impact hammer. Link-Belt 248 HSL crawler cranes are being used on substructure form work and reinforcing steel installation before concrete is poured. The 80-ton 138 HSL is used to drive pile on some of the smaller bridges and to assist ironworkers. The 80-tonners are very versatile. We can use them for just about anything Lawson said. They are easy to move aroundit takes less than a day to take down and set up again. The mobility on the 150-ton is really nice too they are easy to walk around the job site. Link-Belts provide good uptime Ciammaichella noted with little need for repairs. If we do have something our mechanics cant deal with Columbus Equipment is a very reliable partner. The technicians Columbus Equipment sends out are good and the repairs are well done so we dont have callbacks to repair the same thing. Komatsu PC228 excavators are a common sight on Ruhlin bridge projects. Because of the size and power of those machines we like to use them when moving bridge deck slab. We also use them around bridges when we are performing excavation or renovation because of their tight footprint and swing radius Ciammaichella said. On the I-90 project PC228s were outfitted with a hydraulic hammer for demolition used for excavation and for loading out dirt. You cant beat the Komatsu PC228s performance Lawson said. The Komatsus cycle fast and have plenty of power. When we slab out a deck that is being rehabbed and hauled off we use the Komatsu PC228 to pick up the concrete slabs and put them in a truck. We have had no issues with downtime on these machines. They have a high utilization rate and are reliable. They have done very well for us Ciammaichella added. The relationship between Ruhlin and Columbus Equipment Company began so many years ago that current Ruhlin executives say it outdates their tenures at the company. CEO Ruhlin whose father was in charge of equipment says the company has purchased machinery from Columbus Equipment for more than 40 years dating back to Grove cranes and YaleTrojan loaders acquired in the early 1970s. In the last 100 years a lot of things have changed in the construction industrythe size and scale of projects technol- ogy equipment materials and costs to name just a few. Its a rare company that successfully navigates the many variables and finds a way to thrive grow and make a lasting mark on the wider community. The Ruhlin Company has done just that. Columbus Equipment Company is proud to serve as a trusted partner in that process congratulates The Ruhlin Company on its 100-year milestone in business and wishes it much continued success. Pictured on the US Route 23 joint venture trench project under the Campus View Boulevard intersection in North Columbus Ruhlin Assistant Superintendent Dominic Scafaria left operator Jeff Seale and Laborer Foreman Bobby Begue right employ a Komatsu PC228USLC to place 1800-lb. support rakers and manipulate a 2000-lb. hose in pouring the trenchs concrete faade. 7 The cranes capability in maneuvering and placing material is superior. Mike Ciammaichella P.E. VP Civil Division Manager The Ruhlin Company Did You Know In 1991 a Ruhlin Company coffee mug made a cameo appearanceas a propin the movie The Silence of the Lambs which was filmed in Pittsburgh in the late 80s and early 90s. The company had just completed the North Shore Expressway and the mug is believed to have belonged to an extra who was a former Ruhlin employee. Ive been with Komatsu for 26 years and Im proud to build Americas best excavators. The passionate craftsmen and women I work with are dedicated to making sure that no product leaves our factory without the quality and attention to detail that separates us from the others. Im just one of over 2000 like-minded employees in North America. And thats why I AM KOMATSU. BiG pERFORMANCE FOR YOuR BiGJOBS Komatsu Tier 4 Final engine technology Increase hydraulic flow Power Mode Up to 13 productivity increase Variable track gauge option GERALD STREET CHATTANOOGA pLANT PC490LC-11 MADE WiTH pASSiON AND pRiDE 002Copyright 2015 Komatsu America Corp. All Rights Reserved Komatsu-ADs 001-005.indd 2 31915 355 PM New Komatsu PC490290LC-11 Hydraulic Excavators PREDICTABLE POWER PRECISION AND PRODUCTION K Komatsu recently introduced Tier 4 Final versions of the PC490LC and PC290LC hydraulic excavators. All Tier 4 models feature new Komatsu engines that build upon the manufacturers success in creating engines that reduce emissions while being productive dependable and fuel-efficient. The engines use an advanced electronic control system to lower fuel consumption with no loss of performance. Komatsu has also included ease of maintenance features that enable routine service to be performed quickly and easily. For example the upper structure is now equipped with guardrails on both sides for easy accessibility. The radiator and hydraulic oil coolers are mounted next to each other for quick service. The PC290 and PC490 cabs also provide extra comfort and convenience for operators with a new heated operator seat an auxiliary port for external music devices and two 12-volt power ports. The KOMTRAX remote monitoring system standard on all Tier 4 Komatsu machines is an advanced version that reports key operating information for multiple operators monitors AdBlueDEF levels and features an Auto Idle Shutdown to cut operating costs by limiting unnecessary idling. All Tier 4 Komatsu equipment comes with Komatsu CARE providing complimentary scheduled maintenance for the first three years or 2000 hours of the machines life. The PC490LC provides a net 359 HP and has an operating weight between 105670 and 110220 lbs. Like previous 490 models it is outfitted with a heavy- duty undercarriage and counterweight to maintain high lift capability and lateral stability. Strengthened undercarriage components a reinforced revolving frame and a high capacity swing bearing also carry over from previous models. When put into lift mode the 490s hydraulic pressure goes up and lifting force is increased by up to 7 percent. For even more lift capacity select the variable track gauge option which significantly increases lateral stability and ups lift capacity by another 10 percent. The PC290 is a 196-HP machine with an operating weight between 66359 and 68122 lbs. The excavator has a heavy-duty frame that is built on a PC360 under- carriage giving it a stability and durability. The machine also has a long arm and boom for extra reach. Contact your Columbus Equipment representative for details on how these industry-leading Komatsu excavators can address your needs. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT The PC490LC is outfitted with a heavy-duty undercarriage and counterweight to maintain high lift capability and lateral stability 9 D D-Crane Rental LLC is involved in the biggest project the company has every tackled and its one of biblical proportions literally. The company is providing crane services for the Ark Encounter in Williamstown Kentucky where a full-scale reproduction of Noahs Ark is being built. When completed the ark will be the largest timber- frame structure in the United States measuring 510 feet long and 80 feet tall. D-Crane has three cranes on site including a Link-Belt HTC-86100 the company recently purchased from Columbus Equipment Company and a Link-Belt RTC-8065 rented for the job. Three D-Crane operators and a rigger will be working on the ark at least through the end of the year said Rob Domaschko Sr. owner of D-Crane. The RTC is being used to assist masons building towers and elevators shafts by lifting up blocks and mortar to heights forklifts cant reach. The 86100 and a Manitowoc crane are being used to lift up the timber bents that form the frame of the ark. The bents weigh about 25000 pounds each and the Link-Belt lifts them up about 90 feet and out 90 to 100 feet. The Troyer Groupcontractor for the projectis using Amish woodworkers alongside modern equipment such as that supplied by D-Crane. Domaschko had never worked with Troyer before and he thinks his companys location in Walton Kentucky not far from Williamstown might have led the contractor to first contact him. Attending two years of meetings and keeping quiet about the project until construction was ready to start also helped he reckoned. Landing the ark project provided an excellent reason to acquire the 100-ton Link-Belt Domaschko said. He had purchased a used Link-Belt HTC-8690 from Columbus Equipment Company about two years ago and we liked it so much it motivated us to get another one. Wed gotten dependent on having a big crane and couldnt do without one while it was tied up on a project for six months. The 86100 is an extremely operator-friendly crane he said. It also has a very strong chartthe strongest in its class of 100-ton truck cranes I think. We can set it up fast break it down fast and move on to the next project. It also goes down the road good and rides nice which makes the operator more comfortable and allows him to do more. D-Crane owns eight cranes ranging in size from a 23-ton boom truck to the 100-ton truck crane. Before he bought the Link-Belt truck cranes the biggest crane in the fleet was a 70-tonner. Naturally we can do a lot more with a 90- and 100-ton crane than with a 70-ton crane. Weve gone from being able to work 200 feet up to 230 feet up and from a 150-foot working radius to a 200-foot working radius. In our business higher is better LIFTING DIVISION D-Crane Rental LLC EXPANDS ARK OF INFLUENCE WITH NEW LINK-BELT HTC-86100 Ark Encounter materials are measured in standardized 20 cubitstraditionally a variable measurement from the tip of the middle finger to the elbow. The crew is 60-70 Amish and the 1.6-million board feet of timber is spruce and Douglas fir from Oregon and Washington states. The ark will be the largest timber-frame structure in the United States. 11 and out is betteryou can do more work and be more versatile Domaschko said. Despite the increase in size and range the new HTC drives down the road like a 70-ton and sets up like a 70-ton but it can do a lot more than a 70-ton. The purchase of the 86100 was the first time Domaschko bought a new crane and Columbus Equipment Company made the process painless he said. Bob Weber head of Columbus Equipment Companys Lifting Division and Roger Reese sales representative really explained it well to me. I didnt even know if our credit was strong enough to do it but they helped me believe in myself. He has had good experiences working with the parts and service departments at Columbus Equipment Company too. They are eager to help. Ive never had a problem getting ahold of someone and Ive never had a problem getting a part. Everyone has done all they can to make things happen. Domaschko started D-Crane in 2003 as a one-man one-crane company. He learned to run a crane in the Navy and worked for other crane rental compa- nies for about a dozen years before starting his own firm with a used Grove crane. The recession years were lean but D-Crane survived and now has 10 employees. Domaschkos son Rob Jr. joined the company in 2011 to handle sales and marketing. D-Crane operates mostly in Cincinnati and northern Kentucky typically providing services such as setting struc- tural steel setting mechanical equipment and lifting heavy machinery. The company has worked on several power plants and also does work for aggregate plants in the area. As the company has added equipment it has taken on some high-profile jobs. For the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Cincinnati we set the structural steel for the new scoreboard with the HTC-8690 Domaschko said. That was a national event and was pretty cool. But building the ark might just be cooler he added. The 86100 is an extremely operator-friendly crane. It also has a very strong chartthe strongest in its class of 100-ton truck cranes. Rob Domaschko Sr. Owner D-Crane Rental LLC Ron Hoerst left and Tony Tittle bring a combined 70 years of lifting experience to the D-Crane team. Background The Arks 25000-lb. bent sections are 22-layer glulams from Alabama and are considered pound-for-pound stronger than steel. 13 Lead Framer Eli Stoltzfus right of Highline Construction manages what may well be the worlds largest puzzle. E Eric Dedden vice president of MDX Inc. likes to refer to his company as excavation commandoes because we do with two or three people what other people get done with five. Buying a Komatsu D51i intelligent Machine Control iMC dozer has helped MDX keep up that repu- tation because theres no need for someone to check grade but Dedden has realized other benefits too. MDX uses the intelligent dozer exclusively for fine grading because Dedden believes thats where the machine can be used to its best advantage. Fine grading is always the most time-consuming and demanding part of the job. Thats where we found we were losing the most money. We use another dozer to do the bulk work then when it gets close I use the D51i for finishing it up. When fine grading the iMC dozer makes a good operator an ace operator said Dedden who has been an operator since he was a teenager. The iMC machine lets us know where we are without having to get out and check level. It provides a huge advantage of knowledgeyou know where you are and where you have to go up down or fill. You get a far superior map of the job. The D51i allows you to know every spot on the job. When I get close within 6 inches of grade I turn on the automatic controls and I dont even have to run the blade it knows what it has to do. Recently MDX graded a parking lot that required moving 1000 yards of dirt. We finished the project in two days or 60 faster. Without an intelligent dozer it would have taken at least five days to cut haul out and fine grade. As a result we saved three days of fuel and three days of maintenance and wear and tear on the machine. I was also able to go to the next job three days sooner. If you are in this industry and not getting a dozer with iMC you are missing out. MDX had not used machine control before purchasing the D51i in November 2014. I did a lot of research and the D51i seemed most versatile for us in terms of size. Its easy to move around Dedden noted. If I buy another one the D39 would be a good size for the work we do. Milford-based MDX does medium-sized site development projects such as small subdivisions strip malls Chick- fil-A and CVS pads and school parking lots. Customers MDX Inc. iMC-EQUIPPED COMMANDOES W CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT When fine grading the iMC dozer makes a good operator an ace operator. Eric Dedden Vice President MDX Inc. MDX Foreman Mike Dedden uses the companys Komatsu D51i crawler dozer to put the finishing touches to a 16-lot Brookstone Homes developmentParkland Meadowsin Loveland Ohio. 14 include Brookstone Homes Graybach Construction Empire Building Co. and GLR Inc. Alan Dedden president started MDX out of his kitchen in 1994. He went from zero sales to where he is today with over 20 pieces of equipment said Eric his son who worked for MDX part time through high school and college. MDX has been a Columbus Equipment Company customer since the late 1990s when the Deddens needed a reliable source for parts for a used Komatsu excavator purchased from another dealer. In the last few years they have purchased several Komatsu excavators a Komatsu WA200 wheel loader and a Takeuchi skid steer as well as the iMC dozer. Dedden credits the strength of the relationship to sales- man Roger Reese. Roger is passionate about the equip- ment he sells. He is very knowledgeable about competi- tors machines and he can compare them to Komatsu and show you why Komatsu is a better buy. He doesnt want to sell you something he wouldnt buy himself. MDX has been happy with Columbus Equipment Companys service too. If we have issues with Columbus Equipment and Komatsu equipment they make it right and they do it in a timely fashion and that is what you want out of a dealer. WINNING THE EARTHMOVING WAR MDXs site development projects are well-populated with Komatsu equipment. Main shot A Komatsu PC228USLC is an earthmoving workhorse. Inset Fine grading is the most time-consuming and demanding part of any job and is where the D51i generates the largest impact on the bottom line. 15 When I get close within 6 inches of grade I turn on the automatic controls and I dont even have to run the blade it knows what it has to do. Eric Dedden Vice President MDX Inc. MDX VP Eric Dedden right and Foreman Mike Dedden with Senior Superintendent Mark Frick background in a Komatsu WA200. J Tri-State Landscape Supply LLC GRINDS OUT IMPRESSIVE RESULT ENVIRONMENTAL DIVISION 16 Jason Brunk and his father Dennis started Tri-State Landscape Supply LLC in 2005 as an adjunct business for their excavating company. Tri-State took topsoil from excavation sites processed it and sold it to landscapers and retailers. Five years later after Tri-State acquired a mulching operation sales really took offtripling in just a few years. Today Tri-State sells around 100000 cubic yards of mulch and 50000 cubic yards of soil annually within about 40 miles of Middletown reaching into Kentucky and Indiana. The company also sells aggregates soil amendments and decorative stones. Marketing enhanced delivery and the quality of the product all contributed to the threefold increase in sales said Brunk managing member of Tri-State Landscape. One of the things our customers really like is the consistency of our grind he added. Tri-State uses two Morbark grinders to ensure that consistent grind. As part of the mulch company acquisition Brunk got a Morbark 1300 Tub Grinder. Although it was manufactured in 1997 and has nearly 12000 hours on it the 1300 continues to operate like a champ. Most days its in the yard where it is used to make double-processed mulch. Debris is broken down and sent through a 6-inch land-clearing screen then reground with a 2-inch screen. Tri-State also takes the tub grinder out to jobsites where it is used to grind stumps so crews dont have to break them down. It works great and thats why we still have it Brunk said. Sure we have some upkeep on a machine thats almost 20 years old but its normal wear-and-tear stuff. For most land-clearing projects Tri-State uses a Morbark 3800XL Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder which can handle whole trees and longer debris. The Morbark replaced a Vermeer 6000 that was never up to the job Brunk got a Morbark 1300 Tub Grinder manufactured in 1997 and has nearly 12000 hours on it the 1300 contin- ues to operate like a champ. Tri-State Landscape Supply LLC moves around 100000 cubic yards of mulch a year with the majority being sold between February and the end of June. The companys Morbark 3800XL Track Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder is key in meeting the 1800 cu. spring rush. LTS WITH MORBARK EQUIPMENT 17 Brunk said. The Vermeer didnt do what we needed it to do. Worst of all the Vermeer pulled in debris too quickly and it got jammed on the discharge belt requiring workers to climb in and clean out debris. The difference between the Vermeer and the Morbark is like night and day Brunk said. Debris moves through smoothly with no jams. Its a bigger grinder with higher horsepower and we get way more production. With an initial grind Tri-State can get up to 350 cubic yards an hour regrinding with smaller screens results in production of 150 to 180 yards an hour. Brunk recently upgraded his wheeled 3800XL for a tracked model which he likes because it moves by remote control so you dont have to hook it to a semi. We just track it across the jobsite. Tri-State has been a customer of Columbus Equipment Company for several years and Brunk values the relationship he has with the companys Environmental Division including sales representative Jesse Garber sales manager Tim Smith and product support specialist Dean Hatem. They understand our business. If its mulch-producing time and something goes down they jump through hoops to help us Brunk said. For example the 3800 went down about 630 one evening and by noon the next day Smith had a replacement machine onsite. Having that kind of a working relationship with a dealer is really helpful in our industry. In addition to the Morbark grinders Tri-State uses a McCloskey 621 Trommel screen and 80-foot stack- ing conveyor from Columbus Equipment. The Trommel works very well whether used to screen topsoil or mulch Brunk said. It has the added convenience and productiv- ity of being portable whereas the shaker-style screening machine he owns takes a whole day to move and set up. Tripling sales in five years is quite a feat. Quality and consistency of product are driving those sales and Tri- States investment in quality equipment is paying off. The difference between the Vermeer and the Morbark is like night and day. Jason Brunk Owner Tri-State Landscape Supply LLC. Tri-State Landscapings 12000-hour 1997 Morbark 1300 Tub Grinderpictured with a McCloskey 36x80 stackeris still a mulch-mountain-making beast. Jason Brunk bottom right has tripled mulch and soil sales on the back of consistent high-quality product. Did You Know Jason Brunk was the only kid in his high school and possibly in any high schoolto own a backhoe. He was also probably the only classmate with a 30000 debt hanging over his head. Brunk bought the 1989 rubber-tire John Deere 310C backhoe in 1992 convincing a family friend to put the first payment on a credit card. That debt didnt worry him. I didnt have any credit so I didnt have anything to lose he says. Convincing customers to hire a 16-year-old backhoe owneroperator was difficult he admits. A family friend with a concrete company hired him to do concrete tear-outs giving Jason his first paying job. He incorpo- rated Brunk Excavating two years later and traded in the backhoe for a new one in 1995. When you need a part any part you need it nowand you need it right. I understand that. Our modern 650000 sqft facility centrally located in the U.S.A. is open 247 and ships Same Day if needed. Thats why Im proud to be part of the Komatsu team. My team We will do whatever it takes to keep you up and running. And thats why I AM KOMATSU. kEEpiNG YOu up AND RuNNiNG 247 650000 sqft main distribution center offering 247365 service 9 regional parts distribution centers throughout North America Order parts electronically or through your Komatsu distributor New and remanufactured parts available 200000 stocking parts ABE RiDDLE DiRECTOR of pARTS OpERATiONS RipLEYTN GENUINE PARTS kOMATSu GENuiNE pARTSALWAYS THE RiGHT CHOiCE SHippED FROM THE u.S.A. 004Copyright 2015 Komatsu America Corp. All Rights Reserved Komatsu-ADs 001-005.indd 4 31915 356 PM Whether you have one machine or fifty your equipment deserves the best care available. Simply decide which units youd like covered and Columbus Equipment Company will ensure they are properly serviced on time by a qualified technician. IronLife Preventive Maintenance Services can be scheduled to take place in our shop or on your site. Maintenance is performed outside of your regular working hourswhen your equipment has shut down for the dayso there is zero downtime. 19 IronLife Preventive Maintenance Program PRODUCT SUPPORT Perform Optimally with IronLife Preventive Maintenance Services Ohios Dependable Dealer Contact your local product support representative or PM Service Administrator Jason Lang at 216 214-6827 to enroll in IronLife PM Services today. Jason will create a customized program to cover the work you need to fire on all cylinders all the time Whats Included in IronLife Manufacturer-recommended maintenance scheduled at intervals of 250 500 1000 and 2000 hours. These items can also be customized to your specific application. Oil analysis under Komatsus KOWA Komatsu Oil and Wear Analysis Program to determine levels of particles and various metals so that potential repairs can be identified before they become critical. Fee includes full lubrication of machine 50-point inspection genuine OEM parts quality Fleetguard filters Komatsu or Chevron grease and fluids. Pricing is guaranteed pricing with signed agreement. Services apply to all makes and models. Satisfaction guaranteed When You Control Cash Flow ... You Control Profit. TEN LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU Contact Your Local Branch Today Call Today For A Wide Range of Late-Model Rental Solutions Ohios Dependable Dealer CEC 21_Apr12_CEC20_pg 82412 1043 AM Page 8 21 BRANCH NEWS Be Our Guest at This Years Paul Bunyan Show THERES A LOT TO SEE AND EXPERIENCE Corporate As you know fall brings the usual round of industry shows and were looking forward to seeing and talking to customers as they visit these exhibitions. At the Official Paul Bunyan Show our Environmental Division will exhibit Morbark Komptech McCloskey International Eagle Crusher Komatsu Forest Barko and U.S. Pride Products equipment. Please stop by and see these best-in-class products during the show Oct. 2-4 at the Guernsey County Fairgrounds. Talbert Manufacturing has named Columbus Equipment Company as one of its Top 10 Dealers for 2014. The award is based on sales of Talbert trailers parts and service. Columbus Equipment has made the Top 10 for several years. Columbus Branch Columbus Equipment Company has broken ground for our new Columbus branch building. The 35000-square-foot facility on Performance Way will include four drive- through bays and an enclosed wash bay. The parts ware- house will accommodate 30-foot racking for parts stock. The transition from Kingston Ave. will be complete in time for the 2016 season. Jeff McVey is the new branch manager for the Columbus store. He has been with Columbus Equipment Company for about eight years. In his seven years as branch manager in Cincinnati he developed a reputation for a problem-solving approach and excellent customer relations. Robert Reynolds has joined the Columbus branch as compact equipment sales representative. He comes to Columbus Equipment Company from Bobcat of Bowling Green a dealership he and his father co-owned for five years. Robert attended Ohio State on a foot- ball scholarship and was a starting linebacker on the 2002 National Championship team. He played for the Tennessee Titans for four years before an injury ended his football career. Mike Testa previously spent 20 years with George J. Igel Co. as a mechanic and shop supervisor and is now part of Columbus Equipment Companys cor- porate training staff where he will train and mentor as part of the Technician Internship Program as well as perform general technician training. In his free time Mike enjoys hunting and fishing. USED EQUIPMENT Monthly Specials Looking To Buy or Sell Any Brand of Machine Call Jon St. Julian at 614 332-3258 or Skip Young at 614 395-1354. For a Complete List of Used Equipment Please Visit YEAR MAKE MODEL STOCK DESCRIPTION HOURS PRICE DOZERS 2010 Komatsu D51EX-22 U26838 Enclosed Cab AC Heat Defrost 6 Way Blade 2524 122500 2012 Komatsu D31EX-22 U29112 Cab AC Heat 2846 59750 2012 Komatsu D31EX-22 U29111 Cab AC Heat 3156 59750 2007 Komatsu D61EX-15 U28207 Cab AC Heat 1496 145500 CRANES 2008 Link Belt RTC-8030II U26490 2700 260000 2013 Link Belt 138-HSL 25848 720 CALL Plus Many Other Link Belt Cranes to Choose From EXCAVATORS 2005 Kubota KX161-3 SS 25589T Cab AC Heat Rubber Tracks Aux Hydraulics Angle Blade WR Coupler One Bucket 4440 33000 2009 Komatsu PC55MR-3 U27306 Cab AC Heat Blade Manual Coupler Manual Thumb Blade 3 Bkts 12-24-36 2122 49500 2005 Komatsu PC78MR-6 K7930T Cab AC Heat 18 Roadliners 7.5 Stk Aux Hyds Blade No Bkt 4714 37500 2009 Komatsu PC78MR-6 U26489 Cab AC Heat 18 Roadliners Aux Hyds Manual Thumb Manual Coupler 36 Bucket 2063 73500 2006 Komatsu PC200LC-8 U24896 Cab AC Heat 9.7 Arm 31.5 TGP 42 Bucket 5585 109500 2011 Komatsu PC200LC-8 U27073 Cab AC Heat 31.5 TGP Hyd Cplr Thumb Spec 48 Bkt 1720 159000 2005 Komatsu PC220LF-7 RU20564 Cab AC Heat 31.5 TGP 55 Peirce Pacific Long Stick 3636 120000 2012 Komatsu PC290LF-10 RU25089 Cab AC Heat 32 TGP Young 60 Long Front Additional Ctwgt Kit 60 WB Bucket 542 285000 2004 Komatsu PC308USLC-3 U26860 Cab AC Heat Aux Hydraulics New JRB Hyd Coupler 48 Bkt Auto Lube Serviced-Painted 4568 175500 2000 Komatsu PC400LC-6 RK7407T1 Cab AC Heat 11 Stick JRB Coupler Aux Hyds Thumb Mount 66 Bucket REDUCED 16200 52000 2006 Komatsu PC400LC-7 K7648T Cab AC Heat 11 Stick Ctwgt Removal 35.5 TGP 6151 165000 WHEEL LOADERS 2012 Komatsu WA380-7 RU25018 Cab AC Heat 3 Spool Hyds wLines JRB Cplr Ride Cont GP Bkt 1559 195000 ROLLERS 2005 Ingersoll Rand SD77-FB R16578 66 Padfoot w Blade 932 48000 2007 Ingersoll Rand SD100-D R24005T 84 Smooth Drum Roller 4553 55000 UP TO 6-MONTH POWERTRAIN WARRANTY STANDARD ON ALL REMARKETING CERTIFIED MACHINES 2013 Komatsu D61PX-23 Stock U29154 Cab Heat AC Winch Sweeps Screens 265000 2013 Komatsu PC160LC-8 Stock U29555 Cab Heat AC Hyd Coupler Bucket 851 Hours 137500 2009 Link Belt RTC8050II Stock U28946 3618 Hours 325000 SOLD SOLD SOLD 22 2015 Mediaworks Marketing Inc. 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