Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8and not wreck the lawn. Elect General does a lot of cable work along railroad tracks, and the machines can roll along the track without doing any damage. In fact, Covell compares using the compact machines to doing minimally invasive surgery. “It adds up to a win-win situation.” Covell has been a Columbus Equipment Company customer since the 1990s. “They choose their sales people very wisely, and their integrity is high,” he said. And with Columbus Equipment’s statewide network of branches, he is able to get parts or service wherever he is working. After a bad experience as a business owner, Covell had no intention of starting another company in the mid-1980s, when pastors at two different churches told him God wanted him to start a business. After getting the message a second time, Covell borrowed $20 for gas and headed out to see if he could find any contracts for this business he was supposed to start. He pulled into a weed-covered gas station and encountered the owner, who was waiting for a contractor he had scheduled a meeting with. The scheduled contractor never showed, and Covell left that day with a contract for $200,000 in work. Today Elect Contractors employs 50 to 60 people and has to turn down work, despite Covell never advertising. “In the long haul, there are certain companies that will be here for years to come, and we will be one of them. Integrity is more important than money,” Covell said. He believes in treating his employees and customers with integrity, and he expects the same of the companies he does business with. As the company mission states … he believes in doing it right the first time. “It was my first experience with a Takeuchi, and I was so impressed with the power it had. I was amazed with what you could do with it.” Tim Covell; Owner, Elect General Contractors Inc. Foreman Chris Hardman (center) and crew—(left) Steven Shaffer, Daniel Sanchez (background) and Taylor Virene—balance the power and versatility of the Takeuchi TB250 with the measured precision required to successfully complete the task at hand. 6