Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8Elect General Contractors Inc. has a simple motto: do it right the first time. By living up to that motto, the Circleville, Ohio-based company that started as a general contractor has grown into a fiber-optic utility specialist, installing fiber around the country. All of the major communication companies use Elect General for emergency work in eastern and Central Ohio. Several years ago, Elect General spent months installing fiber-optic cable around the nation’s capital, including running cable for almost every federal department, owner Tim Covell said. Covell entered the fiber-optic sector by taking on a job another contractor turned down. He and his crews learned to place fiber as they worked, developing their own process. “We developed a technique on our own and it turned out to be far superior,” Covell said. When the manufacturer of a fiber optic machine saw what Elect General was doing, the manufacturer brought in workers to show them “the right way.” “The manufacturer’s technique achieved 2,200 feet in one shot. Then we did it our way, and we put in an average of 5,300 feet. That’s what comes from thinking outside the box and being willing to try new things,” he added. One of the new things Covell was willing to try, before it became a common worksite tool, was a compact excavator. He remembers renting a Takeuchi compact around 1990. “It has stuck in my mind all these years. It was my first experience with a Takeuchi, and I was so impressed with the power it had. I was amazed with what you could do with it.” Later, he began buying compact excavators for his company, and he tried about every brand available. With some of these machines, “it was a nightmare getting parts.” With other brands, the cab was too small or the machines weren’t reliable. Finally, he learned Columbus Equipment Company offered Takeuchi compact machines, and Covell found the newest Takeuchis are as good as the one he recalled from all those years ago. “Most of the compacts on the market have the same power plant and most are starved for power. The Takeuchi is not. The power and durability are great,” he said. “The cab is designed so it doesn’t matter if the operator is a 150-lb. guy or a 250-lb. guy, there is plenty of room,” added Covell. After using so many brands, “I know what to look for in these machines. In the Takeuchi, the bushings are hefty and accessible. The booms are well-designed.” Elect General owns a TB235 and a TB250, and Covell is in the market for a third one, because they are so versatile. “We use them for everything from sitework to utility dig-ups to work on the street.” With the compact excavator, roadwork can be con- fined in one lane, saving money on traffic control and manpower, and allowing the crew to get in and out quickly. When his crew has to go into someone’s yard for repair work, they can roll the Takeuchi in on pads Elect General Contractors Inc. Integrity, Communication, Fuel Utility Specialist’s Success Elect General Contractors Inc. crew: Foreman Orrin Sprouse (sec- ond right) with (left to right) Laborers Jesse Fisher, Dan Walden and Operator Josh Sprouse, working a 560’ bore shot on an emergency copper replacement job on Alspach Road, Lithopolis. 5 “We developed a technique on our own and it turned out to be far superior. The manu- facturer’s technique achieved 2,200 feet in a day. Then we did it our way, and we put in 5,300 feet.” Tim Covell; Owner, Elect General Contractors Inc.