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Winter 2016 THE CONTRACTORS RESOURCE FOR INDUSTRY-LEADING COMPACT EQUIPMENT Gudenkauf Corporation Foreman and Operator Andy Downs and crew members Brian Kemper Titus Pollock and John Rice use a Takeuchi TB250 excavator to replace fiber optic cable for the City of Columbus at the intersection of Broad St. and May Ave. Gudenkauf Corporation OLD-SCHOOL DEPENDABILITY DRIVES TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY CONNECTIVITY The new Komatsu PC78US-10 tight-tail-swing excavator uses less fuel while offering higher productivity than the previous model. An additional benefit of the PC78US-10 is that the engine does not require a Diesel Particulate Filter DPF or Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF reducing maintenance requirements and expenses. The Dash-10 model has a new Komatsu Tier 4 final engine and hydraulic system that increases productivity up to 3 percent while seeing a 5 percent reduction in fuel consumption noted Jason Crain general sales manager for Columbus Equipment Company. The fact that the engine does not require adding DEF fluid or changing out a DPF really differentiates this Komatsu from the competition. The PC78US is powered by a 68-hp engine with a variable flow turbocharger for precise operation and long life. In place of costly high-maintenance DPFs and DEF the engine uses the Komatsu Diesel Oxidation Catalyst after-treatment system that provides complete passive regeneration without any scheduled maintenance intervals. An exhaust recirculation system helps to reduce NOx emissions. The new Komatsu PC78US-10 is a minimal-radius standard-boom machine that allows our utility contractors to have a machine that can work in exceptionally tight places yet is easy to move from job to job Crain said. The new PC78US features a redesigned cab with a reinforced cab framework a rearview monitoring system with camera and a secondary engine shutdown switch. The cab is equipped with a new high-resolution LCD screen with operational efficiency guidance data for the operator and a monitor that allows the operator to con- trol up to 10 attachments. An auxiliary jack for digital devices is now standard. Komatsu has redesigned the PC78US to make main- tenance easier. Improvements include a new side-by-side radiator and oil cooler. All major maintenance items have been grouped into areas that are easily accessible from the engine hood right- side hood or side-service doors. All PC78US-10 excavatorswhether leased rented or purchasedare covered by Komatsu CARE for the first three years or 2000 hours. Komatsu CARE covers all scheduled maintenance in that period ensuring lower ownership costs and improved uptime for your machinery. 2 New Komatsu PC78US-10 Excavator Well-Engineered Durable Powerful Production Model Gross HP Operating Weight Bucket Dig Force PC78US-10 68 17747 lbs. 13780 lbs. The fact that the engine does not require adding DEF fluid or changing out a DPF really differentiates this Komatsu from the competition. Jason Crain General Sales Manager Columbus Equipment Company Takeuchi recently introduced new versions of its TS80 skid steer loaders which are available in either a radial- or vertical-lift pattern. These large-frame loaders the biggest in Takeuchis lineup are designed for performance durability and ease of maintenance. The TS80 features a new 74-hp Deutz Tier 4 Final engine that delivers 192 of torque at 1800 rpm. The new Deutz turbocharged diesel engine delivers outstanding power torque and reliability and features a maintenance-free Diesel Oxidation Catalyst DOC exhaust system and centrally-located service points to simplify maintenance and increase uptime noted Jason Crain Columbus Equipment Companys general sales manager. The DOC doesnt require regeneration cleaning or Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF. The vertical lift loader arrangement improves stability and is ideal for load-and-carry applications. The radial-lift loader arrangement is well suited for flat work and demolition applications and it provides excellent mid- height reach Crain added. The radial version TS80R2 has an operating weight of 7950 lbs. and a rated operating capacity of 2825 lbs. The radial set-up features a bucket breakout force of 5845 lbs. with a lift arm force of 7080 lbs. and a maximum hinge pin height of 10 feet 5 inches. The vertical version TS80V2 has an operating weight of 8965 lbs. and a rated operating capacity of 3500 lbs. Bucket breakout force is 5920 lbs. with a lift arm force of 6200 lbs. and a maximum hinge pin height of 10 feet 10 inches. Several new options are available to increase the versatility and productivity of these skid steer loaders. New options include ride control bucket positioning and high-flow auxiliary hydraulics. The operators station features a lower threshold for easy entry and exit and thats a key update from the pre- vious model Crain observed. The cab is equipped with updated multi-function LCD display that keeps the operator informed about machine functions and performance and includes a new dial-type throttle control.The machine also has low-effort pilot controls that are comfortable precise and low-maintenance delivering consistent reliable perfor- mance day in and day out. Takeuchi Introduces New Top-of-Line TS80R2 and TS80V2 Skid Steer Loaders 3 Model Gross HP Rated Operating Capacity Bucket Breakout Force TS80V2 74 3500 lbs. 5920 lbs. TS80R2 74 2825 lbs. 5845 lbs. The operators station features a lower threshold for easy entry and exit. Jason Crain General Sales Manager Columbus Equipment Company Contact your Columbus Equipment Company rep and test drive Takeuchis latest well-engineered compact workhorses today you wont be disappointed Gudenkauf Corporation employee Emil North employs a Takeuchi TB235 excavator on a fiber optic traffic signaling project for the City of Columbus at the intersection of James Road and Interstate I-70 on the east side of Columbus. Telecommunication cables are the arteries and veins of business these days. None of us could get much done without the copper and fiber optic cables running underground bringing information data and entertainment to our computers and other devices. Columbus-based Gudenkauf Corporation has installed many of those cables in the last four decades earning a reputation as a one-stop solution provider for communi- cations and utility needs in Ohio and surrounding states. Founded in 1977 by Jeff Gudenkauf the company has grown to 175 employees with offices in Columbus Dayton Wheeling and Stonewood West Virginia. The companys services include digging trenches laying cable installing hand-holes or manholes for conduit and installing and splicing fiber optic and copper cable. Its customers include some of the biggest names in the telecommunications industryATT Frontier CenturyLink and Time Warner. Gudenkaufs large-scale growth has come with the help of some small-scale equipmentTakeuchi mini excavatorswhich the company finds both versatile and durable. We have been using Takeuchi minis since about 2007 said Vince Paxton assistant vice president. The company has 15 Takeuchi mini excavators in sizes ranging from TB016 to TB250. They have been extremely reliable. They are also the pieces of equipment that get used the most in this organization. We have very few issues with the Taks they dont need much work aside from regular maintenance. Weve never had a catastrophic failure. Some of the Takeuchis in Gudenkaufs fleet have more than 4000 service hours and the minis seem to hold up better than other brands according to Jim Spaulding equipment manager. In fact he calls Takeuchi one of the best mini excavators I have seen. The Takeuchis are an excellent choice for cable and utility work because they hold a tight tolerance he said. Tolerance is very important to us. If were digging near a gas line we cant have a lot of movement. The Takeuchis are more apt to stay in line than some other brands we have tried. Some brands just have a lot more movement. The TB250 almost functions as a cross between a backhoe and a mini in situations where you need something a little bigger he added. It has a good depth ratio. It will dig about 12 feet straight down. It works really well for putting in hand holes or manholes. It takes the backhoe almost out of the equation. The compact footprint of the mini excavators is important because a lot of the work we do is in right of ways and easements that can get congested. 5 Gudenkauf Corporation Old-School Dependability Drives Twenty-First Century Connectivity The Takeuchis are an excellent choice for cable and utility work because they hold a tight tolerance. Tolerance is very important to us. Vince Paxton Assistant Vice President Gudenkauf Corporation 6 Getting a backhoe in would be difficult Paxton said. The minis can pivot and swivel. They are also easy to haul and get around. And the operators like them because they have plenty of power. Attachments make the minis even more versatile. Gudenkauf crews use a variety of attachments including buckets compacting plates augers and hammers on the Takeuchi machines. Its almost like having three machines in one Paxton said. Gudenkauf is a longtime customer of Columbus Equipment Company. Service has been great. They are easy to get ahold of and follow up is good. Columbus Equipment Company has been a good partner for us Paxton said. Columbus Equipment has bent over backwards to help us out on anything we need Spaulding said. The parts department has been exceptional. The guys on the parts desk know what the parts are. You dont have to give them the parts number you can just explain what it is and they know what you need. They keep a big inven- tory of parts and what we need is always available. Gudenkauf has several mechanics on staff to handle PM and routine issues but the company relies on Columbus Equipments service department for a variety of scenarios including warranty issues and dif- ficult diagnoses. If we get a problem my guys cant figure out it goes to Columbus Equipment. They are good and fast. They understand that time is money for us Spaulding said. Normally everything we do is time-sensitive. There have been times when Columbus Equipment was working on a few pieces of equipment we needed and they had the guys stay after hours and complete the job so we could get the machine back. Sales representative Jeremy Williams has been very helpful Spaulding added. He has gone above and beyond to show us options that might be helpful to us. Installing cables that people depend on requires dependable partners. Columbus Equipment and Takeuchi are proud to be those partners for the Gudenkauf Corporation. Columbus Equipment has bent over backwards to help us out on anything we need. The parts department has been exceptional. Jim Spaulding Equipment Manager Gudenkauf Corporation Safety Manager Jim Brevard left has seen many changes and improvementsincluding technology and employee safety practicesover his decades in the industry. 2016 Mediaworks Marketing Inc. 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