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6 Getting a backhoe in would be difficult Paxton said. The minis can pivot and swivel. They are also easy to haul and get around. And the operators like them because they have plenty of power. Attachments make the minis even more versatile. Gudenkauf crews use a variety of attachments including buckets compacting plates augers and hammers on the Takeuchi machines. Its almost like having three machines in one Paxton said. Gudenkauf is a longtime customer of Columbus Equipment Company. Service has been great. They are easy to get ahold of and follow up is good. Columbus Equipment Company has been a good partner for us Paxton said. Columbus Equipment has bent over backwards to help us out on anything we need Spaulding said. The parts department has been exceptional. The guys on the parts desk know what the parts are. You dont have to give them the parts number you can just explain what it is and they know what you need. They keep a big inven- tory of parts and what we need is always available. Gudenkauf has several mechanics on staff to handle PM and routine issues but the company relies on Columbus Equipments service department for a variety of scenarios including warranty issues and dif- ficult diagnoses. If we get a problem my guys cant figure out it goes to Columbus Equipment. They are good and fast. They understand that time is money for us Spaulding said. Normally everything we do is time-sensitive. There have been times when Columbus Equipment was working on a few pieces of equipment we needed and they had the guys stay after hours and complete the job so we could get the machine back. Sales representative Jeremy Williams has been very helpful Spaulding added. He has gone above and beyond to show us options that might be helpful to us. Installing cables that people depend on requires dependable partners. Columbus Equipment and Takeuchi are proud to be those partners for the Gudenkauf Corporation. Columbus Equipment has bent over backwards to help us out on anything we need. The parts department has been exceptional. Jim Spaulding Equipment Manager Gudenkauf Corporation Safety Manager Jim Brevard left has seen many changes and improvementsincluding technology and employee safety practicesover his decades in the industry.