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Telecommunication cables are the arteries and veins of business these days. None of us could get much done without the copper and fiber optic cables running underground bringing information data and entertainment to our computers and other devices. Columbus-based Gudenkauf Corporation has installed many of those cables in the last four decades earning a reputation as a one-stop solution provider for communi- cations and utility needs in Ohio and surrounding states. Founded in 1977 by Jeff Gudenkauf the company has grown to 175 employees with offices in Columbus Dayton Wheeling and Stonewood West Virginia. The companys services include digging trenches laying cable installing hand-holes or manholes for conduit and installing and splicing fiber optic and copper cable. Its customers include some of the biggest names in the telecommunications industryATT Frontier CenturyLink and Time Warner. Gudenkaufs large-scale growth has come with the help of some small-scale equipmentTakeuchi mini excavatorswhich the company finds both versatile and durable. We have been using Takeuchi minis since about 2007 said Vince Paxton assistant vice president. The company has 15 Takeuchi mini excavators in sizes ranging from TB016 to TB250. They have been extremely reliable. They are also the pieces of equipment that get used the most in this organization. We have very few issues with the Taks they dont need much work aside from regular maintenance. Weve never had a catastrophic failure. Some of the Takeuchis in Gudenkaufs fleet have more than 4000 service hours and the minis seem to hold up better than other brands according to Jim Spaulding equipment manager. In fact he calls Takeuchi one of the best mini excavators I have seen. The Takeuchis are an excellent choice for cable and utility work because they hold a tight tolerance he said. Tolerance is very important to us. If were digging near a gas line we cant have a lot of movement. The Takeuchis are more apt to stay in line than some other brands we have tried. Some brands just have a lot more movement. The TB250 almost functions as a cross between a backhoe and a mini in situations where you need something a little bigger he added. It has a good depth ratio. It will dig about 12 feet straight down. It works really well for putting in hand holes or manholes. It takes the backhoe almost out of the equation. The compact footprint of the mini excavators is important because a lot of the work we do is in right of ways and easements that can get congested. 5 Gudenkauf Corporation Old-School Dependability Drives Twenty-First Century Connectivity The Takeuchis are an excellent choice for cable and utility work because they hold a tight tolerance. Tolerance is very important to us. Vince Paxton Assistant Vice President Gudenkauf Corporation