For Sitework Developing Inc. in Chagrin Falls, “no job is too big or too small,” according to Jay Blakey, project manager. Because many customers are homeowners drawn by the company’s reputation as a dry basement specialist, a small job is often a one- day drainage repair. On the other end of the scale, Sitework also does excavation and other site projects for custom homebuilders, and it has been involved in some multimillion-dollar, ultra-custom home projects that take a year or more to complete. About half the company’s work involves individual homeowners plagued by wet basements, so the com- pany’s crews do a lot of work in residential yards. The solution to a wet basement often requires improving the grading near the foundation, repairing drain or footer tiles, or fixing or replacing the storm pipes. The com- pany, which calls itself a one-stop shop for home drainage needs, also provides camera snaking services to locate the problem and waterproofing services. Sitework crews depend on a fleet of compact Komatsu excavators to get the job done. The company owns machines ranging in size from PC18 to PC170, and each has its advantages for certain tasks. “A lot of times a wet basement is caused by a drainage issue, and we use the smaller equipment to dig down to where the repair needs to be,” Blakey said. The PC18, for instance, can get into extremely tight spots and “it won’t make a mess in someone’s backyard.” The PC35 is a great size for digging a deeper basement, Sitework Developing Inc. Well-Respected, Full-Service Excavation Contracting Sitework Developing Project Manager Jay Blakey takes pride in serving customer plagued by wet basements, who are drawn to Sitework’s reputation as a dry basement specialist. 5 “We have had some of our Komatsu equipment for years. It has been very dependable, the controls are very smooth— all my guys love operating the Komatsu equipment” Jay Blakey; Product Manager, Sitework Developing Inc.