Columbus Corporate Office
Ernie Potter, Vice President Rental
Tim Albright, Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Bob Weber, Vice President of Product Support
Mark Klatt, General Parts Manager
Ray Frase, General Service Manager
Jason Crain, General Sales Manager
Jon St. Julian, Used Equipment Manager
RICHARD YOUNG, Used Equipment Sales
Mark DiSalvo, Environmental Division Manager
Bob Stewart, Environmental Sales (N. OH, WV)
Jesse Garber, Environmental Sales (Indiana/Kentucky)
KYLE HOOD, Product Support - Major Accounts
Jeff Brackett, Product Support - Major Accounts
Jeff Reichert, Finance Manager

Columbus Branch
Jeff McVey, Regional Manager
Joshua Perry, Assistant Branch Manager
Jason Deeds, Parts Manager
Jeremy Russell, Service Manager
Steve Scott, Machine Sales
Richard Durst, Machine Sales
Jeremy Williams, Machine Sales
Robert Reynolds, Machine Sales
Cory VanHouten, Compact Sales
Zach O'Connor, Inside Sales
John Edwards, Product Support
Jayson Sexton, Product Support

Toledo Branch
Jeff McVey, Regional Manager
Emily Bailey, Assistant Branch Manager
Neil Ehrhardt, Parts Manager
Tom Wood, Service Manager
Luke Matheson, Machine Sales
Will Loy, Compact Sales
Ted Marsh, Product Support - Major Accounts

Cincinnati Branch
Jeff McVey, Regional Manager
Al Shepherd, Parts Manager
Jeremy Robinson, Service Manager
Fred Wahl, Machine Sales
Roger Reese, Machine Sales
Randy Calhoun, Product Support - Major Accounts
Art Davidson, Product Support

Richfield Branch
Jeff Badner, Branch Manager
Pam Badner, Service Manager
Sam Alderman, Parts Manager
Doug Dvorak, Machine Sales
Mike Swan, Machine Sales
Todd Hornak, Machine Sales
Tim Kresowaty, Machine Sales
Eric Lewis, Inside Sales
Mike Cronlotac, Product Support
Rob Rivera, Product Support

Cadiz Branch
Dan Minnis, Branch Manager
Jamie McAfee, Service Manager
Rick Ferri, Parts Manager
Jeff Freeland, Machine Sales
Chris Taylor, Product Support
Alan Cope, Lead Parts Counter

Dayton Branch
Patty Davidson, Parts Manager
Mike Early, Machine Sales
TIM Early, Machine Sales
Art Davidson, Product Support

Massillon Branch
Mike Haney, Branch Manager
Joe Dragan, Service Manager
Paul Stevens, Machine Sales
jim henry, Lead Parts Counter

Zanesville Branch
Dan Minnis, Branch Manager 
SHANE DORSEY, Lead Parts Counter

Painesville Branch

Todd Hornak, Machine Sales
Rob Rivera, Product Support
Sam Alderman, Parts Manager

Piketon Branch
Chester Gowen, Branch Manager/Sales
Ron Bixler, Product Support